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Aug. 19th, 2011 05:11 pm
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Today, I have been in a very cheerful mood. I got my car to the shop this morning and from there, I got home using the Metro and a little help from my family.

I poked around work-wise and am feeling ahead of the game there.

I did some financial stuff around the house and am not quite as behind the eight ball there.

On Facebook, some reasonable percentage of my friends are having fun with one another in Reno. Good for them!

Mood is still good!
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Not necessarily to the right place, but somewhere. I have ten problems to do by Friday, and at this point, they are taking about 2 hours each.  With any luck, the time will get shorter before the end of the week. At the moment, my pay rate for these divided by the time it takes to do them is not enough. I don't tend to use complicated sentence structure, but I am required to do that for these.

I also have online tutoring to prepare (and again for Friday), I really hope that I get both done in a credible way.
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But maybe soon.

I have several hats on my head with regards to PTA. One is membership. I am the one who collects all the forms and issues all the cards. National PTA has a database to make that easy (supposably). Right now I am still digging through last year's papers to get the secret codes to make the database work for me. I also have emails into the former holders of my position.

[ profile] mrmoosie is trying desperately to balance the checkbook. He has a large discrepancy from at least two registers back. But he can't resolve it until/unless we find the register three registers back.

Some one has touched my foreign language hat and I will not be calm until his/her situation is settled. I hope that he/she is a fluent English-speaker.
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About what kind of money-making enterprise I can engage in during the rest of my life.

I am thinking about the PRAXIS exam for certification as a teacher.
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Tonight we are going to have dinner with the grandparents (my parents). After that, we are going to pick up some groceries.

I was doing laundry and found that there were clothes soaking for who knows how long. They are being washed at the moment.

My sister has asked me to go to two Open Houses for schools that she is considering sending her son to. This week, and they are both in the morning.

I still don't have many of the papers I need for finishing our taxes. I do have both W2s, which is good.

I find it very irritating that our money market fund paid no interest all year long.

Tomorrow is the first day of work for my MCAT class.

[ profile] mrmoosie is having trouble thinking and getting sentences finished. He's just so tired all the time.
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Emily is practicing how to add numbers between 1 and 6 in the way we all did, by rolling two six-sided dice. She is getting pretty fast at it now.

I found an interesting article in Spanish today about the hypocrisy of various world leaders in 2009. It has the advantage of the tone of sarcasm and understated wit. So the language is fairly sophisticated.

Various papers for Income Taxes have come already. While I am unlikely to file early, I am feeling optimistic about not needing an extension.

Emily was practicing her Spanish yesterday, by listening to Spanish folk songs. Some of those songs, she is learning in her before-school class (that I have responsibility for).
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Inflation has been so low the last decade or two. At least, those of us who grew up in the 70s and 80s are finding it low. One of the functions of inflation is to adjust relative wages, between sectors, between countries, and in the end, between people.

High unemployment and lower wages for those that were laid off and then found another job are starting to have the effect of adjusting relative wages. It is more abrupt and unfair, because the few that never are forced to change jobs have a stable standard of living. The average standard of living is set to decrease in the United States.
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Or at least a large subset.

I've been listening to Spanish a lot today. 3 15-minute newscasts, 2 11-minute cultural podcasts, and 4 Medical Spanish podcasts.

I emailed about the various obligations I have over the next week (mostly Spanish classes and traffic circle). I did two loads of laundry.

I "helped" Emily sell 3 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies after church.

I still haven't found the papers I am looking for on my desk.
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Emily has advanced to the next level in ice skating. Kind of a miracle. Today she did all her moves with style and flair...and fell down 3 times when not being graded. But the grade is not for does this easily and consistently. The grade is for does this at all!

I have really made a dent in the check-book balancing. I'm off by a penny somewhere, and I'm not done yet. But I'll find that penny yet!

And I found another list of ISP graduates for the LinkedIN group.
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I'm thankful that my mom will call me with turkey cooking questions.
I'm thankful that [ profile] mrmoosie and I still find the West Wing with the president calling the Butterball Hotline to be funny.
I'm thankful that [ profile] mrmoosie still loves me and I still love him.
I'm thankful that Emily is learning to read and asks lots of questions about what she reads. I hope that she retains that trait.
I'm thankful that Emily is cautious. I'm thankful that she can be brave after assessing the risks.
I'm thankful for [ profile] mrmoosie 's well-paying job. In a way, I'm thankful for his work ethic, even though it means lots of late evenings for him.
I'm thankful for my work. It gives me something else to do and allows me to feel I am good at something.
I'm thankful for a 4-day weekend and no planned travel or work. [ profile] mrmoosie and I need some downtime.
I'm thankful for [ profile] mrmoosie 's well-paying job. It allows us to throw money at problems around the house, instead of leaving them unsolved or actually learning the right way to fix them ourselves.
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Not all it's cracked up to be!!! There goes more of our money.
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We are currently having two pinhole leaks in our pipes repaired. $$$$ bleh.
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I can't find my former babysitter. Her number is now unassigned.

Of course, I need her information for my taxes.
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I want to go hang out at my daughter's school. Or have some tea with someone. I feel the need of human company. Sigh.

Well, I pick up Emily in 2 hours (+10 minutes). Usually, there is a gang of kids and parents on the playground for a half-hour afterwards.

T did a bunch of work on the taxes. Now there is a lot in my court. He may have to help me.
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Even when the step up in Spanish listening frequency (since the New Year), I am not understanding conversations any better. And my time to spend on listening to Spanish is going to decrease, back to what it was last year.

One of the very few scientists that I knew in industry has been laid off. She has had help from her company to transition into teaching (at the high school level).

I am still missing information necessary for preparing my (our) taxes. The remaining information is definitely in T's area of use.

I haven't made arrangements to get Emily's eyes checked yet.
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See this report on lead levels and SAT scores. Most of the lead levels discussed were legal under the laws in place, which have been tightened over time.

I believe that this implies that we (as a society) have not reached the full benefit available from restricting lead in the environment and eliminating lead that was applied in an earlier time. And the lead toys problem is going to be with us for a long time, even if no more toys are imported. The old toys have to be gotten out of the stream, not regifted. The paint has to somehow be removed and sequestered, not get into the regular trash stream.

Well, if we are looking for a beneficial place to spend our stimulus, removing old lead paint from buildings will be one of those.

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I ordered my sister a pair of books for her worm composting (hopefully, they will be more useful to read than to compost). I got totally distracted by the Amazon recommends feature. I added at least $500 of books to my wish list. Man, I could shop and shop and shop and read and read and read. Several books on soil, soil ecology, and biochemistry. The information probably overlaps, but that's all part of becoming an expert. Oh well, I can window-shop without spending all my paychecks.
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It's cold this morning!! All the ground is frozen through and the plants are hanging over and wilted. It's supposed to be a high of 45 today, so everything will get to thaw and then freeze again tonight. Should be good for breaking up my compost.

T gave me detailed instructions on buying stuff through the apps store. Lets see if I can remember my password.

I paid a whole slew of bills last night (yay, me). Must file, of course.

T wants to go skiing. Oh my! He's really, really good at spending money. :-) Dude, we have a totally depleted cash cushion (we're practically sitting on the springs).

PTA-related. I am putting together a poster (or a triptych) for Russia for International Night. I think that the backings are sold in arts and crafts supply stores, so I don't have to engineer something that will stand up. I wonder if anyone is doing Ukraine, because I have several things that might be appropriate.
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I have an MCAT class getting ready to start up (actually a tutorial with a student with an auditory processing disorder, so I will need to write more). So I have to reprint my notes (this time with page numbers). Tonight is professional development (I have no idea what we are going to DO, all I know is that we don't have to BRING anything).

All sorts of financial documents for the year have come in. I need to enter them in my "system" and file them appropriately.

I have the tax software.

Emily is staying for the after-school program today (so I can do the professional development without waiting for T to come home). Notes have been passed and the check given.
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I'm going to complain a bit.

I hate home ownership. We have now managed to schedule the contractors for next Monday. The last Monday before Christmas I note. And Christmas is our religious holiday of size all year. Easter is more important spiritually, but a) less happens to/in the actual house, and b) the preparation season is a good deal longer. In fact, so much of Easter is observed in Holy Week or Lent, it's not a point holiday.

We have certainly dug a big hole in our reserve fund for the home improvement. The damage is really just not calculable yet, Although the labor is well-estimated, the materials are not completely selected.

The forecast here is for rain, cloudy, rain, cloudy, rain, cloudy. I am sure that it could alternate for weeks like that.


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