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I have: my daughter in an Afghan shirt, my grape leaves doing their last cooking, and my display from last year. I will spice up with Matryoshka dolls, my laminated "Cutting Board" (never cut on a laminated board), and the recipe book.

The big question is whether I am going to cook the mushrooms recipe also.
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We went to the Ukrainian Festival at St. Andrew Ukrainian Orthodox Church (way up New Hampshire Ave. in Cloverly). The food was nice, the music was pretty nice and there were tons of children. 

I told
[ profile] mrmoosie to check out the fencing. He was shy about it, but finally stepped up and went to five points with the guy who was directing it. Then that guy tried to talk him into a recreation battle on Oct. 3. That would be great, but it's about the 15th thing trying to get us to attend on Oct. 3 or Oct. 4 or both. So not this year. I actually wonder if two of the events (the Russian Festival and the recreation battle (which is specifically Eastern European)) are timed together so that you could attend both.

[ profile] mrmoosie was actually happy that he had done it. And they both went full tilt, so he had that healthy flush from exercise.

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The Russia display went well (although I was so busy with the singers that I only saw one person visiting it). We were between the Philippines and the USA. The Philippines had a huge crowd of children constantly, because they had a stick-dancing exhibit. Emily, like all the other children, enjoyed jumping between the sticks. I will probably go more all out next year (hopefully, there will not be a string of snowdays, and I know there won't be an inauguration).

My Polish cabbage rolls were mostly eaten. Next time, I'll have to bring a knife so people can have half of a cabbage roll.

The singing went pretty well.
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My goodness, I'm tired.

We still have this evening at school with International Night.

I have to bring a bunch of stuff carefully, carefully in the car to set up. Also bring food carefully, carefully. The logistics are starting to worry me. But it's mostly ready.
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Well, I think it is, and that's all that matters.

I have a line on a bunch of stuff for my Russia table including my very own trifold cardboard backing.

i have now volunteered to proctor an MCAT free practice test. Maybe I will be working this spring!!! I need to look up directions to Howard University, so I can be sure to get there with plenty of time to spare.
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It's cold this morning!! All the ground is frozen through and the plants are hanging over and wilted. It's supposed to be a high of 45 today, so everything will get to thaw and then freeze again tonight. Should be good for breaking up my compost.

T gave me detailed instructions on buying stuff through the apps store. Lets see if I can remember my password.

I paid a whole slew of bills last night (yay, me). Must file, of course.

T wants to go skiing. Oh my! He's really, really good at spending money. :-) Dude, we have a totally depleted cash cushion (we're practically sitting on the springs).

PTA-related. I am putting together a poster (or a triptych) for Russia for International Night. I think that the backings are sold in arts and crafts supply stores, so I don't have to engineer something that will stand up. I wonder if anyone is doing Ukraine, because I have several things that might be appropriate.
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I have a lot of podcasts.

Futures in Biotech---These are really inconvenient to listen to, since they are an hour or more long.
Great Speeches in History---I never listen to this.
Just Vocabulary---For professional reasons. 4 mins usually.
Learn Spanish with Coffee Break Spanish---I have actually listened to all of these. I have a few episodes on topics that I have difficulty with.
Learn Spanish with Rojas Spanish Language---He hasn't updated since August.
Notes in Spanish Advanced---Too advanced for me.
Notes in Spanish Intermediate---Just right, I probably listen to these the most. From 10 to 20 minutes long.
NPR: Al Grano con Maria Hinojosa Podcast---All from the summer of 2007. NPR was planning to continue news in Spanish but it didn't happen.
One Minute Russian---10 1-minute episodes of politeness words in Russian.
podictionary - for word lovers----I also have this for professional reasons (although it is an etymology podcast). about 6 minutes long.
The Princeton Review Vocabulary Minute---Professional reasons
Science Elements---the American Chemical Society puts this out. It's from 6-10 minutes long. Very convenient.
Show Time Spanish---The continuation of Coffee Break Spanish. Once a week for about 20 minutes. I usually listen to each episode twice.
A Spoonful of Russian---I actually don't listen to it now. This isn't regularly updated.
Storynory - Stories for Kids----Vetting for Emily.
A Taste of Russian---Emily actually likes listening to this. I don't know why. In case she understands Russian, I won't let her listen to the most recent one (which refers to Beslan).
UCSF Science Cafe---Only 4 episodes were ever made. Hmmm.

I have 252 which I have not listened to. I like it when I can make that number smaller. As you can tell, I have dreams of glory with foreign languages.
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I am disappointed, but not surprised.

Russia's latest misbehavior.

All right, maybe I am surprised.
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And I am free, free, free.

I am making notes for teaching Biology. Three pages, so far and that's the first 10 minutes of lecture 5. I am going to be printing a lot of paper to do this!!!

I am goofing off with reading The Economist. Although it promised an article on Britain's relationship with Russia, it had more rehash and less news. The news in it is that Russia is asking The British Council (a information and propaganda arm, like the US Information Agency) to shut down operations in two cities and harassing the employees in those two cities. The rehash is just about everything, from Peter the Great to rich and ordinary Russians choosing Britain to which to emigrate.
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We went to the Ukrainian festival at St. Andrews church today. I had gwumpky (called holubtsi in Ukrainian), Tim had Periogis (valenyky in Ukrainian) and Emily ordered the borscht at the food tent. I had been craving gwumpky, so I was very happy.
There were quite a few speeches to open the festival (Including the Ukrainian ambassador) then ... the dancing. Excellent dancing. There was an adult company from New York and a children's group from here. Of course, they did the "dancing on your heels". You might remember it as "Cossack dancing", but it is a wider tradition than that. Both sets danced a pryvet (Hello and welcome) with bread and salt in the women's (or girls') baskets. They were going to do pairs of dances all afternoon, but between sets of music and other things.

Unfortunately, we were rear-ended at a confusing light on the way home. Emily and Tim are just fine, but I will be soaking in a hot bath to relieve my neck pain. I was turning my head to *yell* at Tim, who was driving, so my head wasn't straight. And I feel guilty for panicking.


Apr. 12th, 2007 07:52 pm
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Yuri's night

The one in Washington DC is at the Russian Cultural Center, either in or very close to the Embassy on Phelps Place.

We aren't going this year, but maybe we'll keep it in mind for some other year.

Of course, the last time I was at the Russian Embassy was very sad. I was signing the condolences book after Beslan. ( link) WARNING: story behind link is very sad, especially if you have children.


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