Jun. 26th, 2009 12:33 pm
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I am still waiting for Emily's report card to arrive in the mail. If she had been healthy, we would have had it 10 days ago.

She has a homework packet of activities in reading and math. So far, she has done 3 of the math activities and none of the reading activities. That's probably going to be the pattern for the whole summer.
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She's going to miss the last days of kindergarten. T will have to drop off her present to her teacher.

She now has respiratory involvement (a cough). So she meets the definition of possible H1N1 and should be avoiding people for 7 days (since Saturday).


May. 5th, 2009 02:43 pm
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What does it take for children to get in the habit of doing homework?

I need to work on the set time part of the equation.


Apr. 29th, 2009 12:55 pm
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Emily read us a level 2 Scholastic reader last night. It's wonderful.

Of course, she had some of the words memorized (like antibodies and antibiotic). But she had confidence and determination to get through it all.
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Chips Olé again. Oh the smell!

Since it is Earth Day, the school tried an expanded recycling program for lunch-related trash. So the kindergarten children had to ask to figure out where their trash went. There was a speech about it, but ... it was a lot of information.

It will be tried again next Wednesday. I hope it will go a bit smoother with the memory of how it was to be done today in their minds. The older grades did better.
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Something was up when I joined the group of parents after school.

One of the leaders was going to talk to the principal with another that I hadn't met before.

Some trouble in third grade and the two parents who went to the principal thanked their third graders for telling them about it. And reminded the third graders that honesty is always the best policy.

Obviously, i missed the important part. And the whole thing threw a pallor over the grownup social time.
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I am waiting for a phone call and trying to get the kindergarten child fed, dressed and pottied for school. I know that pottied isn't a word.

Sent home!

Feb. 24th, 2009 01:24 pm
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There seems to be something gastrointestinal going around Emily's school. So when she complained of stomach pain this morning, they sent her to the health office with a call into me to pick her up. Unfortunately, I was pretty far away, so I didn't get her for 30-40 minutes (even racing). She seems to be happy and healthy (but with no appetite) at home.
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Homework this evening was NOT like pulling teeth. Perhaps because she did other things like write numbers in a pattern of her own choosing, and find the book fairy's book before she started.

She reverses every number (except 1, 8 and 0) when writing. The teachers would like the parents to supervise and ask the children to write the correct way (to re-enforce the correct way).

The homework that she gets is usually too complicated for the children to understand, e.i. the parents need to read it and explain. I assume that the Spanish-speaking families get translated homework. (It used to be that the front was English and the back was Spanish, but now Emily's is completely in English).

I want spring NOW.
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So I got the bad news straight from the horse's mouth. Emily needs more screening and possibly glasses.
We are setting a deadline of March for getting her in to see an eye doctor.
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My goodness, I'm tired.

We still have this evening at school with International Night.

I have to bring a bunch of stuff carefully, carefully in the car to set up. Also bring food carefully, carefully. The logistics are starting to worry me. But it's mostly ready.
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Now, we are in better shape than [ profile] cvirtue . Her kids will be in school in August at this rate.

But it really looks like two snow days in a row from here. Wednesday is supposed to be freezing rain.

Better get started on the home-schooling, I guess.

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Boy, I am glad this week is ending.

I think I need to make a master copy of the homework I am giving my tutoring student, since I have to turn in the tutoring logs every week. In addition, I found the spaces for homework too small on the tutoring logs. Maybe I will design my own form and give it to the central office to be available for download. I have to poke around on the downloads site anyway to see if there is something that my boss promised to email me.

My brother is a tiny bit peeved at me that I let the kids play Legos indoors instead of insisting that they play outdoors, since yesterday was the first warmish day in a while.

My car is back in order, except for a few flaws that the dealer will have to fix.

Last night was Math Mania at Emily's school. The teachers showed us all sorts of teaching games to use with our children (not part of the homework). They also reminded us that 100 days of school is coming up and the children will want to have a collection of 100 things (obviously small things) to bring it.
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Indoor recess today. Because it's 29 degrees Fahrenheit and hardly any wind. How is she going to build her strength for winter?

I had to help a first-grader loosen his belt today. It just wasn't easy to put on or take off. I told him to tell his dad not to put that belt on again due to the difficulty. After all, children are expected to handle going to the bathroom by themselves at that age.

I keep looking at the puzzle near me. I want to finish it.
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My Internet connection is running a bit slow these last two days.

Our tree is out. The needles are everywhere. Vacuuming lies in my future for today and probably other days. Emily doesn't like the sound of the vacuum, so I will try to get it done when she is not here.  ETA: most vacuuming is completely done.

Emily was late to school today due to looking for her gloves. We have probably too many pairs of gloves for her, and the pairs aren't attached to each other, so matching up a pair can take a while. I should attach them in some way.

I am printing out my notes for MCAT Biology. We had to buy a new toner cartridge. It's not a big, big surprise since I print out a lot. ETA: all done

Since our work on the bathroom is done or nearly so, I plan to clean the floor in the master bedroom. Sweep or vacuum, I haven't decided.

I have been slacking a bit on my Spanish resolution for the year. I should have time for it today. ETA: Did at least an hour of Spanish.
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I wasn't doing too well today, especially when I read [ profile] rose1thorn 's journal.

One trouble-maker at lunch didn't have a lunch. No wonder he was trouble. I feel bad for the kid. I know that the school will give a free cheese sandwich no matter how poor or irresponsible your parents are. Of course, that cheese sandwich is followed up by a home visit from the social worker, maybe he didn't want to risk that.

5 drinks were spilled. A brand-new record (for me, at least).

Emily wasn't doing her work at school. She says that she couldn't do it because there were only yellow and red crayons at her table. Of course, she could go to the other table and trade for other colors. It has to do with not solving her own problems. So she had to bring home her work and do it at home with her homework.

The contractors had to work late tonight to get finished.

Then I ran the water from the sink straight onto the counter and then all over the floor. That was actually funny (mostly because T came home in the middle of the mess). Finally, I got into a better mood.

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On Monday, the children watched "The Grinch who Stole Christmas". On Tuesday, the children watched "The Polar Express". In SCHOOL. For an educational aspect, the children were asked to draw their favorite parts.

Emily has had trouble with being overly sensitive (or more sensitive than her age-peers) to troubling elements in TV. I wrote this down on her intake form. If the teacher isn't aware of the issue, she might pick an edgy show and wind up with a crying little girl.

So far, Emily thinks that the grown-ups on the polar express train are ghosts. She also isn't sure why the Grinch started out with a heart two sizes too small.
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For all of 2008!!!!!!!

I have no real idea if something is going on with a teacher's gift from the room parent (and the rest of the parents--sort of). The teacher next door got her gift today. I might have to dive out tomorrow for chocolates and a card.

I am making a delicious stew today. It just takes forever to cook. It's smelling very good right now.
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The sure-fire way to make my three hole punch show up is to buy a new one.

I use a three hole punch and a three ring binder to organize Emily's Kindergarten papers. Actually two three ring binders; one for notes from the school to me, and one for her work that comes home. Kindergarten involves a LOT of paper, in case you didn't know.

I would also like some caffeine, since I haven't had any since Monday. The physical part of the withdrawal was subsumed in vast illness; but the psychological part is beginning to pinch.

Ah, school

Dec. 15th, 2008 10:24 am
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Emily is getting more consistent in her behavior. The token system is kicking in better for her. She asked T to put up a calender in the bathroom for keeping track of homework. She is beginning to understand that changes in schedule can happen on the weekends, but the weekdays have their own schedule determined by the school day.

Emily is being taken advantage of, by her sometimes best friend. We are giving her a bit of role-playing to deal with it. This is definitely something to keep aware of.


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