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Kevin Bacon (the actor) has an actual LinkedIn profile and is a third-degree connection of mine. Weird.
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Emily has advanced to the next level in ice skating. Kind of a miracle. Today she did all her moves with style and flair...and fell down 3 times when not being graded. But the grade is not for does this easily and consistently. The grade is for does this at all!

I have really made a dent in the check-book balancing. I'm off by a penny somewhere, and I'm not done yet. But I'll find that penny yet!

And I found another list of ISP graduates for the LinkedIN group.
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I went to LinkedIn again today. Sigh. I really love the way it is so easy to set up multiple profiles for yourself accidentally. I am linked to several iterations of the same people.

I feel very self-conscious when passing out my business card. But if life is about who you know, the more people that remember that they know me the better! So I will keep on passing them out.

On to the seekers

A highly skilled Jack-of-all-trades in Chicago. Office manager or personal assistant.

A PeopleSoft developer in Northern VA.

A health researcher with expertise in physical therapy in Montgomery County, MD.

A scientist and educator in Montgomery County, MD.

An Oracle developer, DBA and computer librarian in Montgomery County, MD.

Will add people from the comments.


Aug. 22nd, 2009 10:05 am
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Hey, I now know why my number of third-degree connections dropped so much. Two of my first-degree connections made it impossible to browse their connections. That's fine, they are entitled to do that.

I should put my volunteer work on my profile in an organized fashion. I know that it is the sign of not having a lot of paid work experience. But my profile shows that fact in other ways also, so what is the point of hiding it?


Dec. 19th, 2008 11:08 am
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The website that wanted to have the networking effect of being "the" business networking site has decided to close off access to 3rd degree connections. You can't even search them, unless you are a paid member.

I am not giving up on it yet, but I am not all smiles and cheer-leading.

Of course, the work-around (but it isn't very good) is to link to friends of friends and other people that you barely know (or to open networkers).
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useless (or useful) LinkedIn stats.

100 connections (at least one of these is a second email address for one of the remaining 99)
two degrees  4,500+
three degrees  695,400+
Total connections  700,100+   (nice round number of 700,000)
Biotechnology industry  11,700+
DC area  46,700+

And I belong to 9 groups. 4 alumni, 3 field-specific, and 2 networking.
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LinkedIn has upgraded the functionality for groups. I hope that it doesn't get too annoying on larger groups. I have emailed my first degree ISP contacts.

My yahoo account still only lets me have around 10-15 categories for email addresses in my phone book. This is why my child's teacher's email address is in with the PTA group. If I do anything with the PTA, I will need to straighten that out!!!!!!  Hmmm, fooling with it right now. Maybe I've been creating the categories wrong.

I need to improve my biology teaching. However, I haven't been assigned any classes. And that's not a computer problem, there aren't classes forming at the moment.
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In a few seconds, it should be there.

I should probably mention this to the current director.
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LinkedIn has made it much, much easier to join groups and start groups. In fact, the thought of starting an ISP group is re-loading itself in my CPU. We'd need a graphic. I am thinking that the two-tone letters is probably the best graphic.

If you are on LinkedIn and want to try to increase its value to you, try looking for a few groups that interest you.


Jun. 3rd, 2008 09:49 pm
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It's spreading. I am seeing more people I know on the alumni lists, etc.

My networking is going apace.

94 direct contants
3,900 2nd degree
596,600 3rd degree
for a total of 600,600

The NU alumni group is 500+, unfortunately that doesn't give much detail.

In my contact list, are 8,300 biotech experts.
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I have a bachelor's degree chemist looking in the Washington, DC area. I think the preferred location is Arlington,VA.

I have a public-health, government-service expert, with experience in quality assurance in Chicago, with experience in IT and Geographic Information Systems.

I have a PhD MRI expert, looking in the Washington, DC area. High-level C and Tcl/Tk programmer.

I have a PhD NMR expert, looking to transition to MRI and do more health-related research.

I have a PeopleSoft expert looking to relocate to the Washington, DC area around Summer 2008.

I have a PhD chemist, with medicinal chemistry experience, looking to start a start-up in Boston, MA. I don't know if this is drug discovery or chemistry support.

I have an MBA looking for project management or entry level accounting / bookkeeping position in the Madison, WI area. Part time would be just fine.

I have a MS chemist looking for forensic chemistry positions, Western Chicago, not starting until Fall 2008. Although, this may be an easy one, since the person previously held a job with the same description in the same location.

Network engineer looking for a position in northern Montgomery County, MD or southern Frederick County, MD.

A lower level bookkeeper looking in Newport News, VA.

An office professional looking in Richmond, VA.

A PhD looking for a counter-terrorism analyst job with the federal government or Beltway Bandit government contractor in DC or environs.
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See this article about Stay-At-Home Moms working high-level, but temporary assignments.

Yet another excuse for not worrying about finding a full-time job this summer or fall. Aside from the economy and the sheer number of hours T is working.


Apr. 3rd, 2008 10:49 am
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Well, Lent is over so I am logging into LinkedIn more frequently. Thank goodness not every day.

I still have friends looking for work, but now, not so many recruiters.
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I've given up LinkedIn for Lent. And I am seriously addicted (T already knew this). I didn't shut down my profile or anything, I just stopped logging in three and four times a day.

However, two recruiters have managed to find me during my time off. It matches the "a watched pot never boils" theory.

So I have been better at actually forming links while I am on hiatus than normally. I am hoping for a job for a friend out of this.


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