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"Richard Knox: Yes, thank you.  I'm wondering why, if you have any information or hypotheses, that we would see so many more cases in Wisconsin and Illinois than in, you know, in California and New York, Arizona, and other places where you might expect it to be the hotspots?  Is there some factor there? 

Daniel Jernigan: That's right.  I think what we're seeing now, because we're looking very closely, is probably what happens each year with influenza in certain parts of the country have disease before other parts.  There may be certain factors or events where there are a number of people that are exposed, and so I believe what we're seeing now is a reflection of those factors and not necessarily a geographic or regional difference based on humidity or temperature or whatever.  "

Knox is a reporter and Jernigan is deputy director for influenza at CDC.

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Obama is on record as saying that DC Public Schools need to toughen up. That they didn't need to close for this recent snow (and Chicago would not have).

Chicago's Mayor Daley is on record as saying that Chicago schools never close. I will have to ask my friends who still live there if that is true. The neighborhoods are more dense, there are acres and acres of three-story brownstones with no side yards to speak of. Many of these brownstones are three apartments, one per story. Kids walk to school, and it doesn't even take that long.

Chicago is colder. Most of the snow that falls stays snow for a while. You can plow it out of your way (onto the sidewalks where the children are supposed to be walking so they have to walk in the streets).

Now, there are a few neighborhoods in DC that are that dense. U street has the buildings for it. But there are huge swathes of federal buildings, parks, museums and other things that don't have people living in them (like the Loop, maybe).

DC is in the ice zone. When you plow, some will melt and turn to ice. Where ever someone walks, you'll get a little footprint of ice. On the warmer days, your snow will melt (but the sewer which is lower and darker will be full of ice so nothing can drain) and you'll get ice.


Dec. 13th, 2008 08:52 pm
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I guess I was ahead of my time. See this post.


Sep. 11th, 2008 11:37 am
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So, those of you in Illinois (or playing the game at home), any good candidates for Junior Senator from Illinois (Democratic)? Who would

Rod Blagojevich chose?

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From the land of CA, my former roommate in college, an astrophysicist and SCA person, da-da, S. (I don't think she has a LiveJournal ID).

She was here for a thing at Goddard Space Flight Center and it ended early. So I gave her the directions to Emily's preschool and she got to experience the pick-up line and the playground socialization. Then we took her to that bastion of fine dining, McDonald's. (She mentioned that she was in a big hurry AFTER the playground, opps).

She will be visiting her family in KS the week AFTER [personal profile] starstraf's partner graduates. So we will miss her there. We are hoping to go to CA sometime, either when T has to travel for work, or on our own. She has a special pass of some sort for Disneyland and would love to join us there.
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Went to Sunday school. Played on the playground.
Went to the National Capital Trolley Museum. Emily loved this. We went on the trolley ride, watched the model trolley roam on its tiny tracks, and played a computer game to identify all the pieces of a trolley car. Lots of other kids came and went. Emily decided that her Mars base will be so big that it needs trolleys to get around inside of it.

Then we watched a movie about trolleys. I noted that the credits thanked the Oak Park Library, Oak Park, IL.
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We were in Chicago for [profile] jfc013 's Memorial.

At the Memorial, we meet up with [personal profile] wendyzski, [profile] agladstone , [profile] x3non , [profile] post_toastie , [profile] ashtalet , [profile] jmcadams , [profile] mfloyd3 , [profile] reedrelay , and [personal profile] starstraf . I am sure that many of the other people that I talked to had LiveJournal accounts, I just didn't know their usernames.

I meet and talked to for the first time [profile] raven_ap_morgan .

Now, we're back at home and trying to improve our environment (read: clean up one of the many trashed rooms). Just before we left, we had the ducts cleaned and moved things about to allow access for the man cleaning.
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And sad about the death that is bringing it to mind. Thinking about con suites, hotel lobbies, and Norris center.

My mom has offered to take Emily while we travel to the Memorial. Probably a good idea. She hated kids.

Of course, that will make it a short trip.


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