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Next week is the Scholastic Book Fair. As a run-up to it, the children at school have been reading 20 minutes a night. Well, Emily has more been reading 0 minutes or an hour for an average of 20 minutes.

She finished "The Dragon in the Driveway" by Kate Klimo. We are reading to her from the Deltora Quest books. They are pretty dark actually. Percy Jackson is not so scary compared to that.

I know that the Book Fair has a few paperback copies of "The Last Olympian". But it also has trade paperbacks of the same book.
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The choices for after-school activities are so many, and the forms and instructions are so complicated, the PTA may wind up with more unhappy parents and students than before. It is an impressive train wreck.

Of course, after-school activities are not necessary for the running of a school.
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Emily is doing more reading on her own, because she wants to and with interest in the actual book to be read. Self-motivation, in other words. :) From here, she can do all sorts of things. Follow a series through multiple books, read a non--fiction book because she wants to know more about that topic, share books with other children. And while you enjoy reading, so many other things happen...learning vocabulary, exploring settings, exploring common themes in fiction, and learning things about the craft of writing.

She read one whole book from the Rainbow Fairies, half of another, and some poems from "Where the Sidewalk Ends" by Shel Silverstein. In a way, she has already shared the Shel Silverstein book, because she asked me to give it to a friend of hers for his birthday.

I can not even begin to share how happy this makes me.


May. 31st, 2010 07:53 pm
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Emily started going off the low board today.

Summer and the swimming pool are some of the greatest times to be a mom. It's great to see the kids growing and learning and trying things that they could not do before.
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She read a book that she had never had read to her before. It was "Turtles in My Sandbox", a picture book.
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We're in the post-sledding relaxation stage. [ profile] mrmoosie is finally home. I'm not exactly sure what happened to his promise to come home and work from home for the last part of the day.

He is promising to work from home on Monday, if the schools are closed. I am sure that I will be teaching in the afternoon/early evening since Princeton Review has tight deadlines. I need to review my stuff for it.

The teachers are joking with black humor about their July 4th lesson plans. It will only take about 10 more snow days to achieve July 4th.

Emily's teachers sent next week's homework home today. So she'll have 7 nights to work on it instead of 4.

I bumped the side of my foot really hard.
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School is starting (has started) on schedule and will dismiss 2.5 hours early.

Snowmaggedon may now occur.
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We'll find out what the school system thinks about this storm.

Emily got her report card today. Mostly 3s and 4s (3 is good and 4 is above and beyond; 4s are not necessarily achievable in every subject). One 2 in "Understands the role of the individual and the group in the political process". I'm not exactly sure what lies behind that standard.
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So Emily and I are home. There is a pretty good chance that we will go out for ice skating much, much later.

[ profile] mrmoosie is at work. Who had the bright idea of not calling off work for the workers, but calling off school for the students?

Emily and I have decided that there are two plants in her brain; the math one and the reading/writing one. They each need to be watered on a regular basis. The math one is on the left (since she counts on her fingers with her left hand) and the reading/writing one is on the right, since she writes with her right hand. I'm not going to explain the contra-lateral control of the body by the brain at this point.

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Tonight we are going to have dinner with the grandparents (my parents). After that, we are going to pick up some groceries.

I was doing laundry and found that there were clothes soaking for who knows how long. They are being washed at the moment.

My sister has asked me to go to two Open Houses for schools that she is considering sending her son to. This week, and they are both in the morning.

I still don't have many of the papers I need for finishing our taxes. I do have both W2s, which is good.

I find it very irritating that our money market fund paid no interest all year long.

Tomorrow is the first day of work for my MCAT class.

[ profile] mrmoosie is having trouble thinking and getting sentences finished. He's just so tired all the time.
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I finally showed Emily home position on the keyboard last night. Her fingers are *still* a little small for the reach into the numbers and especially the reach for the delete key.

Now to find a typing program for her.
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Emily is practicing how to add numbers between 1 and 6 in the way we all did, by rolling two six-sided dice. She is getting pretty fast at it now.

I found an interesting article in Spanish today about the hypocrisy of various world leaders in 2009. It has the advantage of the tone of sarcasm and understated wit. So the language is fairly sophisticated.

Various papers for Income Taxes have come already. While I am unlikely to file early, I am feeling optimistic about not needing an extension.

Emily was practicing her Spanish yesterday, by listening to Spanish folk songs. Some of those songs, she is learning in her before-school class (that I have responsibility for).
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A good writer always thinks about his/her audience. A recent article in Wired argues that the advent of social media is improving the sense of "audience" for millions of young people. Although the "misses", such as sending a drunken photo to your teachers/parents/employers, are notable, the average message is tailored for the intended audience much more than before.

My personal connection to this issue is that my mother is critiquing my FaceBook status updates. She thinks they are too boring.
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We took Emily to the zoo. It was pretty cold, but we had some fun. We said goodbye to Tai Shan, the baby (who's more of a teenager) panda who will be traveling to China to see if he can meet a nice girl panda. We met up with a family that we had met once before at the zoo. I know the mom from the Internets.

I made a soup of orange vegetables. It's pretty good in a creamy soup way.

We told Emily about 9/11 today in terms of major events of the decade. It may take her a while to ask her questions about the event. We compared it to Mr. 'Splody Pants, just that they involved airplanes and bracketed the 'Naughties in terms of time. We've mentioned the war in Afghanistan a few times. She may have made more sense of it this time, since we put 9/11 as the cause of it and since the father of the family has been in Afghanistan. She may also remember that the father of her school friend has also been in Afghanistan.

Anyway, we're trying to give her the view of history without depressing her or frightening her. She is pretty sensitive to these things. She often has questions about things like that.
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Are pretty large this morning, and especially last night. I was reading this blog about spaced repetition systems and how useful they are for learning and memorizing. I was imagining using them for all that organic chemistry that I used to know, all that biology that I know but need to memorize better, and my previously learned foreign languages as well as the language that I am attempting to learn now (Spanish).

So I am going to go hunting on the Web for a system that is iPhone-compatible, uses the sync feature of the iPhone to transfer information, and *doesn't* use text-messages to transfer information.

It is possible that Anki does all this, but not in the default settings.
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If my book is not found by 10am (say) tomorrow morning, I am ordering another copy from Amazon. Bleh!

Meanwhile, I have found a fairly interesting blog about second language learning. I may change many of my techniques to use some of his.
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Tomorrow, [ profile] mrmoosie is digging holes as part of Emily's school's various "green" projects. Emily and I are going to help, of course. On Wednesday, the classes are going to plant trees in the holes.

There are a ton of "green" projects at her school, such as "No-Waste Wednesdays" where the lunch room tries to minimize the waste by washing the aluminum heating/serving containers and collecting all other possible recyclables. There is a wildlife area in one of the courtyards, which is also an outdoor classroom. They had a native seed collection program in September and early October. I'm sure that some set of these are associated with the "Roots and Shoots" group at the school. Some are affiliated with the "Green Schools Initiative" that is run by the State of Maryland. Emily's school is in the second year of that initiative. They are going to continue with the ideas after the two-year program is over.

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My county is asking for feedback on their math curriculum.

One thing is asking what experiences my child has had that have helped her learn math. Well, dice-based games, such as Sorry, Settlers of Catan, Monopoly and other games with a lot of parts, are really helpful. I think that indoor recess should be game time or maybe an after-school club. The other really useful thing is pretend shopping with real money.

One experience that has really not helped is the state quarters thing. It's annoying that the same value of money can look so different.

Not that my county can do anything about the state quarters (or the different nickels, either). And the delay in learning about the quarter wasn't much.


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