Mar. 2nd, 2011 08:11 pm
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I have a headache. I think it is because I am dehydrated. I keep pushing the water, but I am apparently behind the eight ball on this.

Emily is fed, her homework is complete and her hair is braided. She's at Religious Education with a neighbor of mine. This neighbor has a boy in Emily's class at the public school, but he is one year ahead in Religious Education. The neighbor is also a teacher for Religious Education.

The software I am using for Online Tutoring Planning has no built-in intelligence. I have saved stuff in the wrong places, with the wrong filenames. Too much intelligence from me, not enough from the software.
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Nose is stuffed up. Throat is sore. Bleh.

Well, today at least starts quiet. I think I will put some of Emily's Bible stories in a bag to entertain the heavenly hosts while the late-comers get their wings. I am on sheep, shepherd, and angel-dressing detail. I might be one of the few who remembers how Joseph's costume works, but I remember getting completely foiled by Mary's costume. Only the actual experts can help her get dressed. The first step, however, is not to give any pieces of her costume to Joseph.

Emily explained to me that she is happy to be a sheep because there is no acting involved. Now I would call getting down on your hands and knees acting, but she means singing, having a line or responding to any lines. The sheep are just herded around.
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Emily is taking a bath, and I hope that the smell of turkey grease will be gone forever at that point. At least until Thanksgiving.

My sister pointed me to a website that is dedicated to using composting to reduce methane emissions from landfills.

I have finally had an idea for Emily's birthday (that does not involve cleaning up our house, which is important).

I received the wrong email in connection with my PTA committee. I am hoping for the right one on Monday, since it would be highly useful to know that information by Tuesday at 7:40am.


Sep. 7th, 2009 12:41 pm
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How politely can I kick [livejournal.com profile] mrmoosie and Emily out of the house? I need some quiet. They are now watching "The Wrong Trousers" by Nick Park.

I need to find the authorization to get my fingerprints taken.

The light in [livejournal.com profile] mrmoosie 's office burnt out Saturday, and it is no fun trying to file things in the dark.

I have a goal of finishing many of my todo items today. I also have a goal of clearing a layer or two on my "desk".

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I'll be getting my fingerprints taken at that time! For religious education.
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Vacation Bible Camp is kicking me in the rear. My knees hurt from standing up too much.

Only 2 more days.


Aug. 10th, 2009 08:49 pm
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Had a great day with the Bible Camp and then swimming.

Must shower.
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Or taking second graders on a tour of the church. Which do you think is harder?

Oh, for some reason, I didn't say "NO" to going up in the choir loft, where the organ is located. Even though the only teaching points for that location were the stained glass cross, and the view of the pews. Both of those items could be seen from locations that did not contain an organ!!

Why do they all need to go to the bathroom? Why? Oh, I know, the water in the baptismal font (which they weren't supposed to touch) must have been cold.

And I got burned on not knowing when Pentecost is. Fortunately, the other teacher corrected me.
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Emily had a performance at Religious Education today. She was a total ham. She kept trying to get our attention before the program began and totally hammed it up being the Little Drummer Girl.

Her friend in Religious Education has divorced parents (or separated). It must be really hard to move a small child from household to household with all their stuff on a weekly basis. They actually have two children, one pretty darn little boy and Emily's friend.

I am very happy to have the husband I do. He's very dedicated.
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Since my particular religion had a major scandal about authority figures molesting children, all the religious education classes (well, from kindergarten on up) have to have a section on child safety. Today was the one for kindergarten and first grade.

They did a pretty good job on it, although it turned into a discussion on bullying. Emily is still being bullied by one boy in her class at school. I am glad that T and I learned that, because we had thought that it was in the past. The teacher is doing things to separate that boy from Emily (and the other kids in the class). I feel sorry for him, but he has to learn to keep his hands and other body parts to himself and not use them to hurt other kids. I wonder if the teacher needs some more ideas how to turn him from the dark side (I don't know any, but there have to be some somewhere, right?).


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