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I hadn't updated on LiveJournal for a bit.

The biggest new thing in my life is that I am entering a teacher training program. The orientation is Apr. 26th and the first day of classes is May 8th. I have a fair amount to do to prepare for that. I will be finger-printed on Monday, Apr. 24. I plan to apply for a scholarship, so I have to finish two essays and fill out a FAFSA form by May 1rst. I have a ton of books about teaching to read before and during the program, but it is fast-paced and the more I read ahead of time, the better.

My work as a Girl Scout leader has been in hyperdrive since our service unit decided to have an encampment. An encampment is a multi-troop camping (in this case limited to the service unit). So about 300 Girl Scouts and leaders are coming and I wound up on the committee. And since I am a leader for "older girls", my Scouts and I are taking more responsibility. And a bunch of other opportunities have come up for scouts in our area, such as a lunch with our Congressional Representative, an archery day, and a night hike. Plus, Cadettes have more going on already!
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I sprinkled some seeds in our front yard (between the sidewalk and the street, which is technically owned by the county).

It's a mixture (commercially put together) of annuals and perennials. I lost the package just a few minutes ago. The area between the sidewalk and the street looks salty and has small pebbles from all the snow removal. I doubt that this year will be good for that area. [ profile] mrmoosie found some graphs that seem to show that this area gets tremendous amounts of snow every 7 years. It looks like an El Niño effect. So from that I would predict that the area between the sidewalk and the street gets dosed with pebbles and salt and sand and other debris on a seven-year cycle. Most years, there is very little need for plows here. So, if it grows this year, it should grow in the other years of the cycle.

Tomorrow I hope to get the last GS cookies out to their recipients.
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So I'd better get some things done today.

I have over 100 cards to do today in my Mnemosyne deck. That's because I put in a ton of vocabulary from the GRE recently. Most of it I know by heart, so I just have to enter 5s for a while and it will become scheduled for really long times. Some of the first batch of vocabulary are already scheduled with times of 66 days to 86 days. Very few of my Spanish examples are scheduled for times over 20 days. Those few are ones I understand very well.

Emily's Girl Scout Cookie sales have gone very well indeed. She now has 66 boxes sold.

It's a nice day today with highs up to 53°F. It will get colder as the week goes on. I believe I am seeing tiny buds on some of the trees. That could be wishful thinking however.
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Or at least a large subset.

I've been listening to Spanish a lot today. 3 15-minute newscasts, 2 11-minute cultural podcasts, and 4 Medical Spanish podcasts.

I emailed about the various obligations I have over the next week (mostly Spanish classes and traffic circle). I did two loads of laundry.

I "helped" Emily sell 3 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies after church.

I still haven't found the papers I am looking for on my desk.


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