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Sep. 4th, 2010 09:25 pm
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Chess, the Cold War musical. We saw it with [ profile] starstraf and sweetie. It was in Arlington, so we had to go to Virginia. We actually approached from Rock Creek Parkway and Potomac Park, so we went under the patio of the Kennedy Center.

All the signature songs went off well. My favorite is Anthem. [ profile] starstraf 's sweetie likes "Nobody on Nobody's Side" best. The ensemble dancers were a bit cheesy, which grew on us over the course of the play.
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International Night did not do well being late at night on the same day as the Valentine's Day parties.

The crowd would NOT be quiet for the presentations. And having them in the same room as the food made it worse. Having the whole event in one room was a mistake (and a big one). But someone (and perhaps it should have been me) needed to demand that people shut up and stay shut up. Grump.
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The ice rink is a happening place these days. I took Emily and a neighbor there. The neighbor met a boy of her own age there. In fact, they had called each other to make sure that they would be at the same place at the same time.

I saw a friend from my old workplace. She was bringing her 7 year old girl to meet another 7 year old girl there. I mentioned that Emily was being ignored (a bit) by the two beaux and wanted someone to skate with. The mother of *another* 7 year old girl heard me and mentioned that her girl wanted a friend to skate with. So we helped them turn themselves into a "gang of 4" skating girls.

So I met 2 7 year girls, 1 10 year old boy, and two moms that I had never met before. And one 7 year old and her mother that I had known before. I am socially exhausted!!
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I met up with the PTA president at a New Year's Day Open House. There was a lot of discussion of the cost of reserving rooms for activities at the school. It is much higher in cost for the weekend, than for weeknights. Our PTA is spending more than normal and making less than normal due to properly paying for the room reservations and other things that we are doing "by the book" that had once been done "under the table".
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Another year, another chance to clear off my desk. Another chance to balance the check-book properly. (That's hard to admit, that it's not balanced correctly).

A chance to connect with old friends and make new friends. To take on new responsibilities and shed old ones. To scale new heights (and not look down).

And to try, try again at whatever has been stopping you.
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I don't ever remember seeing Alan Alda as a bad guy before. He did a great job with it, of course. He was arrogant to a T. He played Dr. Robert Gallo. And Gallo credits Dr. David Baltimore for getting him interested in retroviruses.

Dr. Gallo did NOT receive the Nobel Prize in 2008, when his rivals, Dr. Montagnier and Dr. Francoise Barre-Sinoussi did get it for the discovery of the virus that causes AIDS.

Dr. Gallo and Dr. Baltimore were separately involved in the biggest investigations for scientific misconduct ever conducted by NIH's Office of Research Integrity. ETA: Both investigations were eventually dropped and the leaders of the investigations were believed to be engaging in a vendetta at one point. I can't find the names of the leaders, but they were all over Science in the early 90s. Science is the magazine published by the American Association for Advancement in Science and is the premier wide-ranging science journal in the United States.

Any way, the movie was fun. Unfortunately, we didn't recognize any of the famous faces at the end.
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I am off to the book club tonight. It should be fun. We are going to see the movie at the book club.

Before that, I probably need to check in with my tutoring student. In fact, I should call this morning to confirm. Hey, I have email that he is canceling.
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Emily is getting the "self-rescuing princess" shirt from Think Geek.

Now to rescue her at the playground without seeming to. Sigh.

The boys are teasing and chasing the girls and it has gotten bad. Throwing woodchips and chasing with sticks. The parent of the boy that is the ringleader wants to let the kids settle it themselves. But it is not getting settled. Sigh.
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When [ profile] starstraf and I went to the museum yesterday, there was a field trip there.

I noticed first that there were no boys in the class.

Then I noticed that they spoke Spanish. The teacher could translate from English. Most of the girls could also speak and read English, but if it got confusing, they went to Spanish.

Then I noticed that they were spending a long time discussing vaccinations.

Then I noticed that they were talking about what vaccines children need. Young children. And about vaccines required to enroll children in school.

Then I looked at some of the girls' midsections. Some of them definitely *could* be pregnant.

Then I heard the museum tour director ask the girls if their children were born yet. Actually the way she asked it, was are they on the inside or the outside?

So, the conclusion to draw is that the field trip was from the school for pregnant girls. Right?

PS. I am giving myself major points for understanding most of the translations.

So tired.

Nov. 20th, 2009 10:48 am
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Two more accounts, and two more passwords. How annoying.

One account that is pretty much defunct, but not close-able. Sigh.

Computers are *hard*.


Nov. 16th, 2009 09:21 am
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It would be good to have more playdates with Emily and another child. Maybe not on the weekends.
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[ profile] mrmoosie took Emily to see "Where the Wild Things Are". Emily enjoyed it. She thought that the violence was fine and that the fort that was built was very cool. [ profile] mrmoosie was interested in the psychological backdrop of the movie.

One of the first grade teachers invited the children and their parents to meet up with her to see the movie. Emily enjoyed having a group outing with her fellow first graders.

Although Common Sense media gave it an appropriate age of 9+, the mixed group of 6 and 7 year-olds were happy with it.

ETA: The More Child blogger didn't like the movie version.

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Moved boxes first thing at [ profile] starstraf 's and sweetie's townhouse. Eventually, had to just supervise my daughter while the rest of them got things organized. :-(  [ profile] mrmoosie felt that he lifted and toted enough for his whole family.
I got email from a person that had compost-able trash and wanted to dispose of it. So I gave her directions to my heap. :-)

The pizza that we got was delicious. :-) Emily had a grilled bacon and cheese sandwich. She left the bones (crusts) for Teddy Bear ([ profile] starstraf 's and sweetie's dog).

We had ice cream nearby. The leaves were falling on us. Tons of leaves.

When I got home, I turned my compost to bury the new additions. 

Then it rained all night. :-) My garden/yard and compost needed that.

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This is from USAToday. It is about a whole community approach to exercise and eating right.
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Something was up when I joined the group of parents after school.

One of the leaders was going to talk to the principal with another that I hadn't met before.

Some trouble in third grade and the two parents who went to the principal thanked their third graders for telling them about it. And reminded the third graders that honesty is always the best policy.

Obviously, i missed the important part. And the whole thing threw a pallor over the grownup social time.
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I want to go hang out at my daughter's school. Or have some tea with someone. I feel the need of human company. Sigh.

Well, I pick up Emily in 2 hours (+10 minutes). Usually, there is a gang of kids and parents on the playground for a half-hour afterwards.

T did a bunch of work on the taxes. Now there is a lot in my court. He may have to help me.
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I have the phone numbers of three young teens for babysitting purposes. They are usually busy.

I also have a baby-sitting service at Emily's school. They do a Kid's Night Out once every two months. I am a regular customer. It's easier to save up the need to go out for a pre-arranged day, than to call and find a time that works with the soccer, ice-skating, hanging with other girls lives of the young teens.

I am sure that many other parents find themselves with a similar system.


Feb. 12th, 2009 04:04 pm
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Emily and Thursday Girl (formerly known as neighbor girl T-five years old) are playing. We could make this a habit. I would not mind at all.


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