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Another year, another chance to clear off my desk. Another chance to balance the check-book properly. (That's hard to admit, that it's not balanced correctly).

A chance to connect with old friends and make new friends. To take on new responsibilities and shed old ones. To scale new heights (and not look down).

And to try, try again at whatever has been stopping you.


Dec. 26th, 2009 06:14 pm
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My tutoring student will be taking his test on Dec. 30th. I will have NO students carrying over from 2009 to 2010. This makes me happier than you would think since it is just a date on the calender.

I am getting laundry done and put away. I am reading magazines and checking on the front that I have finished them. I am clearing up mental and physical backlogs of various types. I am washing dishes.

My compost pile is one-half full and decaying well. :)
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Nose is stuffed up. Throat is sore. Bleh.

Well, today at least starts quiet. I think I will put some of Emily's Bible stories in a bag to entertain the heavenly hosts while the late-comers get their wings. I am on sheep, shepherd, and angel-dressing detail. I might be one of the few who remembers how Joseph's costume works, but I remember getting completely foiled by Mary's costume. Only the actual experts can help her get dressed. The first step, however, is not to give any pieces of her costume to Joseph.

Emily explained to me that she is happy to be a sheep because there is no acting involved. Now I would call getting down on your hands and knees acting, but she means singing, having a line or responding to any lines. The sheep are just herded around.
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I'm thankful that my mom will call me with turkey cooking questions.
I'm thankful that [ profile] mrmoosie and I still find the West Wing with the president calling the Butterball Hotline to be funny.
I'm thankful that [ profile] mrmoosie still loves me and I still love him.
I'm thankful that Emily is learning to read and asks lots of questions about what she reads. I hope that she retains that trait.
I'm thankful that Emily is cautious. I'm thankful that she can be brave after assessing the risks.
I'm thankful for [ profile] mrmoosie 's well-paying job. In a way, I'm thankful for his work ethic, even though it means lots of late evenings for him.
I'm thankful for my work. It gives me something else to do and allows me to feel I am good at something.
I'm thankful for a 4-day weekend and no planned travel or work. [ profile] mrmoosie and I need some downtime.
I'm thankful for [ profile] mrmoosie 's well-paying job. It allows us to throw money at problems around the house, instead of leaving them unsolved or actually learning the right way to fix them ourselves.
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My Internet connection is running a bit slow these last two days.

Our tree is out. The needles are everywhere. Vacuuming lies in my future for today and probably other days. Emily doesn't like the sound of the vacuum, so I will try to get it done when she is not here.  ETA: most vacuuming is completely done.

Emily was late to school today due to looking for her gloves. We have probably too many pairs of gloves for her, and the pairs aren't attached to each other, so matching up a pair can take a while. I should attach them in some way.

I am printing out my notes for MCAT Biology. We had to buy a new toner cartridge. It's not a big, big surprise since I print out a lot. ETA: all done

Since our work on the bathroom is done or nearly so, I plan to clean the floor in the master bedroom. Sweep or vacuum, I haven't decided.

I have been slacking a bit on my Spanish resolution for the year. I should have time for it today. ETA: Did at least an hour of Spanish.
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Today, T and I are finally taking down the tree. Finally.

T suggests that I get "Things" for my iPhone and my computer so that I can have the functionality of a to-do list. I think he is completely right!

I've been loading up Facebook with pictures from the last couple of months. Emily has gotten some great ones of T, with the regular assortment of pictures of her thumb. It's harder to get a good picture of me (good meaning slimming :-)).

Tonight's dinner was a roast with potatoes and carrots. Yummy. It was preseasoned with a red wine and some spices (thank you, Trader Joe's).
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Santa brought a remote-control car for Emily. The mere sound of the wheels is causing a Pavlovian response of anger from me.

T is having a difficult time talking to his brother on the phone. They are discussing stuff that has to do with Santa and his work. Emily is practically sitting on T's lap and the other (five-year-old) cousin is pretty close to T's brother.

I need to never listen to T on the phone; it just makes me mad.
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One of my goals for the coming year is to spend 200 hours on Spanish (and write down that I did it).

Probably some of my other goals will be/ should be clutter-related.
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I'm going to complain a bit.

I hate home ownership. We have now managed to schedule the contractors for next Monday. The last Monday before Christmas I note. And Christmas is our religious holiday of size all year. Easter is more important spiritually, but a) less happens to/in the actual house, and b) the preparation season is a good deal longer. In fact, so much of Easter is observed in Holy Week or Lent, it's not a point holiday.

We have certainly dug a big hole in our reserve fund for the home improvement. The damage is really just not calculable yet, Although the labor is well-estimated, the materials are not completely selected.

The forecast here is for rain, cloudy, rain, cloudy, rain, cloudy. I am sure that it could alternate for weeks like that.

Baby born

Dec. 17th, 2008 06:05 pm
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I am glad to hear that a baby has been born in T's sister's family. T has figured out how to send me the picture after a few false starts.

Emily and T managed to play the dreidel game a few times today. I managed to achieve super-human amounts of laundry. I couldn't find some clothes, because they were not only clean, but put away!!!!

We have to look over Emily's homework and figure out what parts we can do anyway.
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It's just around 32 degrees and windy. It's cold and drying. My skin is having a bit of trouble with it.

T and Emily bought a tree. I have to clear the way for it. T has a lovely ornament from his 4th grade teacher, but it no longer has a string to hold it up.

We got our escrow statement today. The amount of the increase is $49.75  per month. $24.91 is based on the lowest amount over the year and the remainder ($24.84) is due to increases in our taxes and insurance. We could pay $298.84 to take care of that lowest point issue, and have a smaller monthly increase, but we won't.


Dec. 4th, 2008 09:03 am
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I am making rapid progress in the basement. Many of the boxes that had me intimidated were empty.

Of course, we'll need SOME empty boxes for mailing Christmas gifts (or wrapping them) if we ever get around to buying them.
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That Emily is pretty nice and fun to be with today.

That T and I managed most of this cooking without killing each other or cutting or burning any important body parts (actually fairly little was cut or burned).

That my parents are out of town.

That my compost pile is doing well. (I really love composting).

That T is so helpful.
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Poor guy. Emily just pretended to use an axe on his leg.

I am knee-deep in cooking and realizing that I need more sauce pans and more heating elements on my stove. Plus, of course, more counter space. Doesn't everybody feel that way when they make a multi-course meal? Of course, if I had cleaned off the tables before starting the cooking marathon, I'd be in a better counter-top space situation. I am about to cut up my fourth onion of the day.

Dirty dishes are less of a problem this year. We're keeping on top of them and running the dishwasher regularly.

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We're a little busy today with a half-day of school and my Wednesday lunch-room volunteering.

Making a list and checking it twice to make sure that we have the ingredients for Thanksgiving. Can't run out to shop the morning of.
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That my daughter really, really likes turkey meat.

That I am NOT traveling this Thanksgiving.

That T's work schedule is not ridiculous this year.

That I am not schlepping Emily all over the county for daycare or activities.

That my family seems to be healthy for the holidays (lots of knocking on wood for that one).

For the budding kindergarten readers. They are so cute.

For my friends.
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Emily really prefers to have her whole day spent playing a fantasy game. That would be fine, if we didn't have to play along all the time. The EB has some last-minute shopping to do today.

T. Rowe Price sends a magazine 4 times a year (yes, I know that the word is quarterly). In this issue, there is an article about retirement savings for couples. Finally. If you read most personal finance articles about retirement, you wind up calculating for one person. You could calculate for each, but that is not the way real families do their money management. Plus, it is really misleading if one member makes much less than is actually possible to live on.

My sister's well-off in-laws invited us to Easter dinner with them at a very $$$$ restaurant, including Emily. So we better pack an entertainment bag.
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Emily is playing as hard as she can. She now has two toy computers. Not really toys, more special purpose heavy-duty electronics that are in the shape of laptops. One was for Christmas 2 years ago, and one just arrived.

My dad is sleeping and/or watching something called "Bones". The morphine is great and he is sleeping a lot. The attending physician, the nurse and my uncle (a family doctor) are arguing over what "no food" means, but my dad is barely eating ice cubes anyway.

My mom is sleeping over at my brother's house, about 4 minutes away. I went to get her car since my car is going to have adventures (without me) tomorrow and my mom can't drive. Her battery was dead, so [profile] tharline  jump-started it for me (with a small amount of my help). Jump-starting cars always makes me very nervous.

I am a bit nervous about all the stuff to happen tomorrow, especially to/involving my car. I prefer to drive it to any other. Of course, that is probably also sublimating the nerves about my dad. He seems healthy for a guy in the hospital, but this is serious stuff.
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We had an enjoyable dinner with my sister and brother-in-law and his parents on Thanksgiving.
I made pumpkin pie on Friday, which was fun, and addressed envelopes.
On Saturday, we went to Costco for Christmas lights. Our former ones were Tim's father's, which means they are VERY OLD. We got LEDs, which are more environmentally friendly. We still haven't put them up.
Today, I went to church all alone. I also read my Spanish homework.
Emily keeps writing love notes to a boy in her class. It is improving her spelling and handwriting, but I worry whether it is typical of children her age. I thought mash notes were for the pre-teens.
Emily cashed in all her good behavior tokens for a Playmobile castle. So Tim and I got to spend time following instructions to get the whole thing together.


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