Jun. 11th, 2012 07:30 pm
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Only 3 more hours to go! The 2011-2012 school year (3rd grade for Emily) will end tomorrow with a half-day. So much has been happening.

I intend never to be on quite as many PTA committees ever again. Some days (weeks), it seemed like I was in the school all day, every day.

I am turning over the foreign language committee to someone else. It will be advertised many many times probably before someone picks it up. But, as long as someone picks it up early in the school year, it will still work out. Emily is unlikely to do Spanish next year (grade 4) and it seems she will have a built-in conflict in grade 5.

Emily is being advanced far and fast in math, and she is enjoying it a huge amount. Fourth grade, she will be taking Math 6 with a group of 5th graders. In fifth grade, she will go over to the local middle school for math before the day begins at her elementary school (this would conflict with Spanish if it continues to be offered at the same time at the elementary school).

Emily and I are going to do a lot of Spanish work over the summer.
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One of the ducks from the school courtyard was out in front today (9/18/09). The children were so enthusiastic about seeing him/her.

The media specialist/G&T coordinator was taking videos of the duck. Other ducks have been flying south for the winter and we hope that this one will start flying south also. This is one of the children from the mommy duck who laid eggs in the courtyard last spring.

The acorns are falling and birds are flying in my backyard.

I had a nightmare about compost last night. Oh boy.
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I went to the Asian-American Parents Action Committee's session on Gifted and Talented programs and the future of these programs in the county. Sigh.

The advocate for "keeping the status quo" which is what is preferred managed to make a racist comment. Great...this is the guy representing "us", the pro-separate GT parents.

The argument is whether there should be a separate GT curriculum in all subjects, with identification of students for GT and (probably) homogeneous grouping for students to take this GT curriculum.

There was a lot of emphasis on high school measures, number of students in AP, number receiving scores of 3 or higher on AP. There was also the comment that our state university is complaining that the freshmen aren't prepared in math; the state university is claiming to be teaching a lot more remedial math. It would be interesting to see if that is really graduates of this county school system making that difference at the college level. It could very well be, the school system is large.

The representative of the school system had packed the room with system employees and tried to call up one of them to answer a question. But the moderator did not allow that (and the noise of the room supported the moderator).

This is not the end of the discussion. There are two more meetings scheduled this month alone.


Feb. 19th, 2009 02:38 pm
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My nephew is doing academic things far in advance of the rest of his pre-school. (He is about to turn 4). He can count to 50, he knows his alphabet so well that he can do alphabetical order. Wow.


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