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Multiple days below freezing or close to it. Winter has decided to show up, but not wintry precipitation (yet).

Travel. The whole family enjoyed taking a weekend away.

School. A large project suffered from neglect while we were away, and also while we were here. Basically, the child wants to do it all in school and put it off until the last minute. It is not a good situation. Also, Valentine's Day is the day before the project is due. Not wonderful timing. I am pretty much solely responsible for the Valentine's Day cards at this point.

Car. My car is not a happy camper, and must visit the experts. However, I never have large tracts of time where I don't need it.

Work. Well, this is what is making sure that my car doesn't have vast amounts of idle time. Plus volunteering.

Volunteering. Still a large amount to do. Keeping me busy and occupied.

Spanish. Only getting a tiny amount of Rosetta Stone done per week.

Garden. Thanks to the multiple days below freezing, I am not thinking about it at all.

My Spanish

Oct. 2nd, 2011 11:31 am
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Yesterday I did a ton of Rosetta Stone work. I'm feeling more and more confident with it. I have really big goals with my Spanish overall. I don't think Rosetta Stone will get me ALL the way there, but it will get me a lot further. I really, really want to schedule some travel to a Spanish-speaking country. Of course, I could just go to Takoma Park or the New Hampshire-Langley Park area and hang around. Watch Univision, talk with my neighbor. Take a turn translating at PTA meetings (Um, no, I'm not good enough). Go to a Spanish-language Mass. But the travel would be more FUN.
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When [ profile] starstraf and I went to the museum yesterday, there was a field trip there.

I noticed first that there were no boys in the class.

Then I noticed that they spoke Spanish. The teacher could translate from English. Most of the girls could also speak and read English, but if it got confusing, they went to Spanish.

Then I noticed that they were spending a long time discussing vaccinations.

Then I noticed that they were talking about what vaccines children need. Young children. And about vaccines required to enroll children in school.

Then I looked at some of the girls' midsections. Some of them definitely *could* be pregnant.

Then I heard the museum tour director ask the girls if their children were born yet. Actually the way she asked it, was are they on the inside or the outside?

So, the conclusion to draw is that the field trip was from the school for pregnant girls. Right?

PS. I am giving myself major points for understanding most of the translations.
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The Red Line Metro train struck a person at Gallery Place. Although we only want to go as far as Union Station, mayor delays are in progress.

I am trying to convince [ profile] mrmoosie to take a bus. He HATES the idea.

Our goal is to be near the Senate at 11:30am. It's a protest.

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Beyond the goal of teaching the curriculum. Is there a set of actions that we want all children to have experienced? Are there values that we want to share?

Another blog was talking about overnight field trips (8th grade). Those are boondoggles from one point of view (particularly here). We have all the resources to provide everything locally with no need for an overnight trip.

On the other hand, an overnight trip provides a world of experiences that are unique to the experience of having an overnight trip with your classmates.
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Find books about the area that we are visiting that are close to Emily's reading level. Keep on reading to her and finding new books for her to be read. Have patience, and then more patience. That's the really hard part.

I've got a lot to do today with teaching. I'm trying to cover way too much for three hours.
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Finally. The thought of high-speed trains between here and New York or here and Boston is great.

But, when you look into the details, we have "high-speed" trains for that route. Since "high-speed" is defined as 90 mph, the Acela counts. It averages 80 mph, and shaves a whole 20 minutes off the travel time (vs. the regular train) to New York.

New York is the ideal destination because the subway system is so good.

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Emily stayed up until I got home last night. That, that was a bit of a problem since she had to wake up for Spanish this morning. She took our big (XXL) Obama T-shirt to wipe her tears on, since waking up early was tearful.

T's work is trying to interfere with his vacation plans. I may wind up taking Emily to visit family by myself, with T joining us for a weekend only. I am NOT looking forward to that since Emily is hard to rouse in the mornings (and T is better at it than I am). Of course, his work hasn't quite decided to do this (because they are impaired in the basic skill of making a decision).


Jan. 4th, 2009 09:25 am
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Us: home
Luggage: ??
Happiness: medium
Laundry to do: just what we left or wore on the plane.
Status: tired
Construction: a mess


Nov. 5th, 2008 02:35 pm
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If you are planning to travel to DC around Jan. 20th, we are already getting requests for our guest room. We do have a TV room and a hallway where we can set up sleeping bags. And a tent for the backyard. Sign up sheets for showers will be available right after check-in. Breakfast on the 20th and the 21rst will be pancakes and pancake puffs (as seen on TV).

I will collect some flags for the parade.

That is all.


Aug. 30th, 2008 09:19 pm
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We drove up to Baltimore and did touristy things around the harbor. The very first thing we did was find the bathrooms, because Emily really needed to go.

We did paddleboats. T and I paddled and Emily steered. We inspected the red boat and the sub (USS Torsk) from the water.

We saw a street performer doing a unicycle and juggling show (and insulting the audience and passers-by in a very funny manner). For example, I was wearing a tie-dye shirt and he said that I need to learn to separate colors in the wash. His main schtick was accusing various audience men of either being gay or frequenting the prostitutes nearby.

Then we discussed the tapas menu (at a Spanish tapas bar, La Tarsa) with Emily and she turned it down. Often she likes shrimp, but today she wanted crab. So we went to Phillips. They had traditional crab cakes (broiled and a little more butter) and Ocean City-style crab cakes (fried with more breading and more mustard). T ordered the Ocean City, I order the traditional and Emily ordered the crab cake sandwich (one crab cake with a bun, lettuce, tomato, and french fries). All of them came with cole slaw. That is some of the best cole slaw I've had.

After that Emily played on the interactive floor game for nearly an hour, while T and I discussed things we have to do to fix our back yard.

Then we watched fudge being rolled at the Fudgery and bought a whole bunch.

Then we saw another street performer.

Then we got ice cream.

Then a little girl (not ours) had a really bad fall on her head on the cement. Her parents were younger than us, and were talking nervously and sitting there. I went over and asked a few questions about whether she cried immediately (she did), how her pupils looked (the same and they responded to light) and whether she had thrown up (she hadn't). All of their answers are good for minimal head injury. They said that there was a Nightime Pediatrics near their home--an hour and a half away, but they were afraid that they should not let her sleep in the car. I said that if it was me, I'd get driving and take her right in near their house. Baltimore has great hospitals, but a lot of people in the ERs, and they would probably be seen quickly at home, and much later if they tried to go to a close ER. Plus the signs were good.

Then we left and it started pouring down rain. I really hope that the other family got moving.

We got totally drenched before we got to our car and drove home.


Jul. 11th, 2008 12:42 pm
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Looks like we won't be going to Europe any time soon. One US dollar buys 0.62 Euros (give or take a European penny).

We'll set a target date of 2010, maybe.
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So the radio silence might end.

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I know you all want to hear about my laundry issues.... But I won't share.

I am studying Spanish pretty often. I have an iPod full of Spanish language learning materials, from words and their translations, to interviews conducted in Spanish. I listen about once or twice a week.

I am thinking about people in the Washington area involved in politics or policy or international relations or defense that might want to meet a new PhD in national security, whenever he visits.

T is finally planning a trip for us, finally. To see said PhD and to visit T's brother. I really, really wish that we had a lot more money for travel. I can't be spending ALL of it on laundry soap, can I? :-)

I am trying to finish up a GRE class. Everyone is going in different directions. They all have different strengths and weaknesses. So I feel pulled in different directions.


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