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Long summer days. With children.

Mrmoosie's family is visiting, so we are having a lot of fun, but getting totally off schedule.

I spent three hours today on a practice test for chemistry. I actually did quite well, so I am feeling more confident. It was long and exhausting, however.

Not really sure how to take logarithms without a table of them or a calculator. Is this something I learned in math, or never learned? I do remember using the tables of logarithms.


Jun. 11th, 2012 07:30 pm
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Only 3 more hours to go! The 2011-2012 school year (3rd grade for Emily) will end tomorrow with a half-day. So much has been happening.

I intend never to be on quite as many PTA committees ever again. Some days (weeks), it seemed like I was in the school all day, every day.

I am turning over the foreign language committee to someone else. It will be advertised many many times probably before someone picks it up. But, as long as someone picks it up early in the school year, it will still work out. Emily is unlikely to do Spanish next year (grade 4) and it seems she will have a built-in conflict in grade 5.

Emily is being advanced far and fast in math, and she is enjoying it a huge amount. Fourth grade, she will be taking Math 6 with a group of 5th graders. In fifth grade, she will go over to the local middle school for math before the day begins at her elementary school (this would conflict with Spanish if it continues to be offered at the same time at the elementary school).

Emily and I are going to do a lot of Spanish work over the summer.
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It's raining, it's pouring. It's been a long time since we have had a long steady rain like this. The pollen is being forced down out of the air and many of the flowers are falling off the bushes. Everything bloomed pretty early this year: the azaleas, and the cherry trees.

All the surviving trees have leaved out. The county planted a large number of trees in the medians of the big roads nearby. Survival rates are correlated with the nearby trees, so you will find one median with all surviving trees and a nearby median with all dead trees (you will not find as often a mixture of living and dead trees in the same median). I suspect that the county will remove the dead trees sometime this year. They may not remove the branches of the ones that are alive low down and dead higher up. It is pretty difficult to work on those trees, just because the roads surrounding them are so busy.

I have planted a mixture of a type of beans, peas and corn. The peas came up first, then the corn is starting to come up fairly well now, and I can just see the beginnings of the beans. I took the easy way out, I spread the seeds and then added more soil on top, instead of digging them in. I also let them be planted fairly close together, so I may (or may not) thin them to get closer to the ideal spacing. I am planning to grow some morning glories around the corn, once it is well established (and I have done any thinning I wish to do).

I haven't mowed my yard yet this year (and it will probably be harder now that the grass is taller). I have weeded out quite a few things. I tend to recognize one type of weed, pull it anywhere I see it, and then move on to another type of weed. One of the weeds that I haven't messed with yet is a very spiky weed. Another one is the poison ivy.

My compost bin/heap is full of decomposable bags of kitchen refuse and weeds. I am completely out of leaves from last year. I've turned the top layers a few times, but I have not dug deep or moved the bin. I can definitely see that the bags from the earliest times are composting fine. I got the bags as a Christmas gift, so they are only 4.5 months old. It is still not enough material for hot composting; in a small house like ours, there will never be enough material for hot composting. I do worry that the weeds will go to seed, even though I try to get them in there early enough that there aren't seeds yet. The heap is very near a pile of sticks from a branch that we had to take down.

We still need to get those sticks out front for yard waste pickup. We also have a tree to take down in the front of the house. It's been leaning at a angle since Snowmegeddon. We need to finish the branch in the back; we were working under a time constraint to get it down before Hurricane Irene came through.

Our fence could use repair or replacement. One of the gates will not close. I don't really know how to fix that myself. The ground has come up under it. On the side of our back yard, we have the ground sloping rapidly away into the fence. It would be nice to add more soil there and flatten it out and use the fence for terracing.
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School is done. I am not going to worry much about it over the summer. Emily may need a push in reading and to learn her math facts, but I will let it happen, especially the reading, since she is interested in many books.

Garden is growing (corn). The lettuce is growing (black-seeded Simpson, there must be a sale). The peas are trying to give their last pods for the season. It will get hot again, but today and recently, it's been cool. I've had to water several times, since there has not been much rain lately.

Work is heating up for the summer. Some of the last of the old-style GRE courses. And some chemistry for MCAT. All good, of course. My bank account will be fuller than I have seen it in a long time.

[ profile] mrmoosie and I are contemplating going to a Nationals baseball game next Tuesday. If we do, Emily and I will have to take the Metro and mrmoosie will have to drive.

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And now it is very much ahead of me. I have some (quite tall) plants that I suspect are brassica of some sort. I planted a bunch of brussel sprouts and broccoli seeds at the tail end of last year's growing season that never came up. They could be weeds of some sort. I have thinned them extensively.

The raspberries are doing quite well; Emily and Mrmoosie staked them today to (hopefully) avoid the chipmunks eating them all. They have the smallest beginnings of flowers.

I've got two (three) tomato plants ready for transplant. I am attempting to remember to harden them off, by putting them outside during the day.

The peppers are still quite small. I am trying to remember to put them out for hardening also.

The lettuces are doing very well, I made a salad on Friday with some leaves.

The carrots are growing. Not very fast.

I staked up the snow peas both in the pot outside and in the garden. The ones in the pot are flowering vigorously.

I planted another type of pea. It hasn't come up yet.

I planted some corn. A bit early, but we'll see. Not up yet. Probably will come up this week, if it is going to.

A melon or gourd of some sort is growing outside of my garden. It looks a lot like the pumpkin that my niece planted recently. So probably pumpkin.
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I sowed grass seed in the backyard yesterday. It will be wet later this week. It will also be cold, around freezing.

I am hoping for some sprouting and development of roots in order to keep the soil from eroding. I don't specifically care *what* grows there, as long as there is some soil cover.


Mar. 22nd, 2011 11:25 am
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My peppers (indoor) have *finally* sprouted. They are still quite tiny, compared to the tomatoes started at the same time.

I started with a full new round of Jiffy Pots of pepper seeds (on 3/20/11). I started two more tomato seeds at the same time.

The large pot has three growing snow-peas. No lettuces, so far.

I put more snow-pea seeds in the large pot and more lettuces. I also put some in the part of the garden closest to the house, as well as some carrot seeds.

I dug in a few places to see if I could see worms. Nope, not yet.
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I planted some snow peas in the garden today (about 6) and some black-seeded Simpson lettuce (about 20 seeds). Two of the carrots in the indoor pot have just come up.  The tomatoes in the Jiffy pots are looking good, but the pepper seeds in the other Jiffy pots haven't germinated.
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I scattered some carrot seed today in the garden. According to the 7-day forecast, there will not be frosts for 7 days. Again, these should be able to tolerate a bit of frost.
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My tomatoes are coming up (indoors in their little pots). My peppers are taking longer.

We startled a deer in the front yard a few nights ago. So, that's what has been eating all the plants (not a surprise). I hope that my raspberries survived their nibbling.

We've had a deep freeze in the last week. ( about 20 °F) I suspect that my outdoor seeds have frozen and won't germinate. Oh well, I still have plenty of seeds from the same packages.
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"Each winter, on average, your risk of frost is from October 21 through April 16.

Almost certainly, however, you will receive frost from November 8 through March 26.

You are almost guaranteed that you will not get frost from May 7 through October 3.

Your frost-free growing season is around 188 days."

That's for my zip code.

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Planted some peas and lettuce in a pot outdoors. We'll see.

I finally found the seed packet for the mixed wildflowers that I planted in the spring of '10. It was a mixture of 22% of Centaurea; 17% each of Gypsophilia and lupine; 11% each of Coreopsis, Delphinium and Echinacea; 5% of Rudbeckia; and less than 5% each of Chrysanthemum, Clarkia, Lychnis, Monarda and Silene.

"Most varieties bloom second year"--we'll see.
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It's supposed to be cold today and tomorrow. Well, I don't have to go out today any more, so just tomorrow.

It's supposed to snow flurries tonight, I think.

I bought a ton of "humus and manure" from Scott's (8 of the 0.75 cubic feet bags). I wonder if it will help in my garden. I've done that before, but never quite as much at one time. It has raised the level of my garden about 1 inch.
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Many of which I had put off too long.

I am doing laundry. Starting with adult dark clothes and I am hoping to get as far as sheets and towels. (ETA: some towels done, lots of adult dark clothes)

I'm changing the Brita filter. (ETA: done)

I am listening to a large number of news reports in Spanish. I am mostly listening to those from the recent days (about Egipto).

I am sending out letters from the PTA that I should have done before the first of February. (ETA: done, thank goodness)

I am planning to run on my treadmill. Or, at least walk.

I am going to see if there is still space to sign Emily up for the Girl Scout camp that she would like to do.
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Missed it. The ice storm came through with rain, instead of ice. So we are doing well here; didn't even miss school today.

We missed much of the first several storms, got hit last week, and didn't get hit this time. Much of the snow is melting.
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First day of swim lessons in addition to swim team practice.

Emily is playing Barbies with two other girls. Later, we'll have to go to the swimsuit supplier for the swim team. I hope that means that Emily will have the team suit before the Wednesday meet.

This week is going to be very, very hot.


Jun. 1st, 2010 01:47 pm
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I am finding it hard to stay in the house. I mowed the front yard already today. Now I am tempted to cut my neighbor's wisteria, which is poking over the back fence.


May. 31st, 2010 07:53 pm
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Emily started going off the low board today.

Summer and the swimming pool are some of the greatest times to be a mom. It's great to see the kids growing and learning and trying things that they could not do before.
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Which is amazing, considering that it serves the function of childcare for me.

Emily had 16 pages of homework this week (one was a challenge, so she skipped it, so 15 pages). That's a ton of homework.
She was apprehensive about going to school this morning, since we had no idea how much work she would need to do during the day. I suspect that several of her fellow students will not be there today, since it is the Friday before a three-day weekend.

I got a phone call from her pediatrician's office to invite me to set up her yearly appointment. So I set it up for the day after school ends in the morning. I hope that there aren't any shots, but I really don't know. Of course, the flu vaccine for the 2010-2011 season will not be available, but we can get that without an appointment on "shot days".
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Although corn is a very intense user of nutrients from the soil, it's a nice plant to plant in the Mid-Atlantic. I am growing peas (legumes), so presumably I can balance out the robbery of nutrients.

I looked up a frost-free date for this area, and got March 28. I'm not sure that I believe that.


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