Jun. 11th, 2012 07:30 pm
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Only 3 more hours to go! The 2011-2012 school year (3rd grade for Emily) will end tomorrow with a half-day. So much has been happening.

I intend never to be on quite as many PTA committees ever again. Some days (weeks), it seemed like I was in the school all day, every day.

I am turning over the foreign language committee to someone else. It will be advertised many many times probably before someone picks it up. But, as long as someone picks it up early in the school year, it will still work out. Emily is unlikely to do Spanish next year (grade 4) and it seems she will have a built-in conflict in grade 5.

Emily is being advanced far and fast in math, and she is enjoying it a huge amount. Fourth grade, she will be taking Math 6 with a group of 5th graders. In fifth grade, she will go over to the local middle school for math before the day begins at her elementary school (this would conflict with Spanish if it continues to be offered at the same time at the elementary school).

Emily and I are going to do a lot of Spanish work over the summer.
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I am procrastinating my procrastinating things.

I have to get a lecture in order by 7pm.
I have to return or renew Emily's library books today. Probably renew on computer.
I have to write and translate (or get someone to translate) a Membership for the PTA poster by tomorrow.
I have to submit my timesheet, including this lecture tonight, by midnight.

You may not be surprising that I am knitting, doing laundry, and checking Facebook, LiveJournal and other social media. Plus wandering around looking for papers and other things.

Updated: I got 3 out of 4 done by 10:10pm
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We have the day off from school, due to a planned teacher-work day.

I'm planning to get a bunch of paperwork done for PTA. I have two children in the house and they are watching TV, specifically Avatar: The Last Airbender TV show.

I missed the deadline for the DELE exam in November. The next time it is offered will be May. So I will have plenty of time to prepare. I still need to make contact with the correct person at the Embassy of Spain to make sure it will be offered in Washington DC. If it won't be offered here, the next closest location is NYC.
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I seem not to get on LJ as much. Concentrating on Facebook, it seems, and working my little tail off. And an invitation-only board, and another one just for co-workers, and Rosetta Stone.

Rosetta Stone is lots of fun. I'm still way back at the beginning but progressing rapidly. The progress monitoring isn't designed to make starting in the middle intuitive, and I want to be sure that my pronunciation keeps up with my other skills, so I am using the first lessons for practice with that.

My Beetle and I were involved in an accident. Low-speed, so I was fine, but my Beetle is going to have to undergo surgery. Right now, it is a pirate Beetle, because the left front headlight is on the back seat. I have gotten two written opinions from doctors that specialize in this sort of surgery and have a start time at the Beetle hospital of my choice. The hospital is very convenient, and I should be able to see the recovery area from nearby.

My work for the PTA is going apace. I have one thing to do for it today, and I really should stop procrastinating about it.
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Many of which I had put off too long.

I am doing laundry. Starting with adult dark clothes and I am hoping to get as far as sheets and towels. (ETA: some towels done, lots of adult dark clothes)

I'm changing the Brita filter. (ETA: done)

I am listening to a large number of news reports in Spanish. I am mostly listening to those from the recent days (about Egipto).

I am sending out letters from the PTA that I should have done before the first of February. (ETA: done, thank goodness)

I am planning to run on my treadmill. Or, at least walk.

I am going to see if there is still space to sign Emily up for the Girl Scout camp that she would like to do.
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The choices for after-school activities are so many, and the forms and instructions are so complicated, the PTA may wind up with more unhappy parents and students than before. It is an impressive train wreck.

Of course, after-school activities are not necessary for the running of a school.
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But maybe soon.

I have several hats on my head with regards to PTA. One is membership. I am the one who collects all the forms and issues all the cards. National PTA has a database to make that easy (supposably). Right now I am still digging through last year's papers to get the secret codes to make the database work for me. I also have emails into the former holders of my position.

[ profile] mrmoosie is trying desperately to balance the checkbook. He has a large discrepancy from at least two registers back. But he can't resolve it until/unless we find the register three registers back.

Some one has touched my foreign language hat and I will not be calm until his/her situation is settled. I hope that he/she is a fluent English-speaker.
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Well, one of my PTA roles is high-visibility, literally. I help direct traffic in the morning.

While shopping in the grocery store today, the florist area manager came up to me and said that I seemed familiar. Sure enough, she has a child at my daughter's school. So the topic of International Night (Saturday, OMG, I'm doomed) came up.

The other topic that comes up is that the parents would like their children to get some instruction in Spanish. Or, like this woman, feel that they are capable of teaching children (more than just their own child) formal Spanish. I simply have to get the children and the parents together in a club or another venue.

Only here

Jan. 6th, 2010 09:21 pm
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Well, to an approximation at least.

There was a PTA meeting last night. The principal brought up the fact that the county education budget is being finalized. He wanted to make sure that the parents knew that the budget is not increasing at the same level as the population is increasing, nor at the level that immigration is increasing. He had a few comments about some of the options on the table for accommodating this decrease in dollars per student. Pretty normal stuff. He suggested contacting our County Council representatives and State representatives and Senators. And, for that matter, our national representatives.

The Book Fair chairperson said that this is very important. She offered to provide a series of "talking points" and the contact information for these people. She said that it wouldn't be any trouble; this is what she does for a living. She's a professional lobbyist. For that matter, so is the PTA vice-president. Hmmm. We did not take a survey to see how many other lobbyists were present, but that might be interesting.
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I met up with the PTA president at a New Year's Day Open House. There was a lot of discussion of the cost of reserving rooms for activities at the school. It is much higher in cost for the weekend, than for weeknights. Our PTA is spending more than normal and making less than normal due to properly paying for the room reservations and other things that we are doing "by the book" that had once been done "under the table".
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This is a tough time of year for real news. The news outlets do all their best/worst of 2009, and this year they are doing the best/worst of 2000-2009.

It's highly windy today.

I need to figure out my volunteer hours for Dec. They are going to be pretty large.
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We only got to dig one hole, since the morning shift was very busy and well-populated.

I am finally feeling better from my tick bite/medication for Lyme disease.

I got a fair amount of laundry done before I taught.
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Tomorrow, [ profile] mrmoosie is digging holes as part of Emily's school's various "green" projects. Emily and I are going to help, of course. On Wednesday, the classes are going to plant trees in the holes.

There are a ton of "green" projects at her school, such as "No-Waste Wednesdays" where the lunch room tries to minimize the waste by washing the aluminum heating/serving containers and collecting all other possible recyclables. There is a wildlife area in one of the courtyards, which is also an outdoor classroom. They had a native seed collection program in September and early October. I'm sure that some set of these are associated with the "Roots and Shoots" group at the school. Some are affiliated with the "Green Schools Initiative" that is run by the State of Maryland. Emily's school is in the second year of that initiative. They are going to continue with the ideas after the two-year program is over.

Still sick

Oct. 22nd, 2009 07:30 am
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[ profile] mrmoosie is taking over some of my regularly scheduled duties this morning. My killer headache has gone, though, so I do feel vaguely human.
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Emily is taking a bath, and I hope that the smell of turkey grease will be gone forever at that point. At least until Thanksgiving.

My sister pointed me to a website that is dedicated to using composting to reduce methane emissions from landfills.

I have finally had an idea for Emily's birthday (that does not involve cleaning up our house, which is important).

I received the wrong email in connection with my PTA committee. I am hoping for the right one on Monday, since it would be highly useful to know that information by Tuesday at 7:40am.

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I used my lightbox for 20 minutes this morning. OK, maybe I lost track of time and it was an hour. I am totally revved up. I have a ton of things to do for my PTA committee and some of the information I need is in Yahoo! mail. Mail is acting slow, plus I have a ton of messages that I *could* respond to (mostly having to do with that same committee).

My brain keeps firing up things for me to do. I have a category in my "things" (a todo list) called public health. It seems to include advising people to get the flu vaccine, figure out whether someone should get the nasal vaccine or the shot, and telling people that flu parties are one of the dumbest ideas out there. It also includes donating blood, but that requires sitting still.

Unfortunately for me, I can't listen to podcasts (especially not Spanish) very well in this hyper state. Or study.
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Not too motivated. My tummy hurts.

Must overcome it any way.

Off to the school yet again.


Sep. 22nd, 2009 12:35 pm
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I have closed registration for my class(es). There will be three, Spanish level 1, and two sessions of Introductory Spanish. Now to send out the paperwork, and safety information, etc. Sigh. It will all work out.

My doctor will have flu shots on Oct. 6. Flu is widespread in the Southeastern region of the US and isolated states in the Midwest and Southwest. That includes Illinois and Kansas, but not Massachusetts or Missouri. 99% of all Flu cases are H1N1.

Tonight is my first Spanish class of this year.
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I've emailed people this morning, and had a rapid-fire conversation with one of them. I have written most of the stuff for my monthly report. I have filed and refiled stuff and checked my physical mail.

I keep refreshing certain blogs. I really need to settle down and get a life and do something useful.

I have done software updates on my computer.
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I'm almost afraid to look into my email box.

I got a phone call last night, while tucking Emily in (code for lying with her and talking for about an hour), about the class.

During the mothers' walk home from drop-off at school, there was a discussion about setting up a Spanish-English buddy system for our school.

[ profile] mrmoosie convinced me that my Spanish wasn't good enough to be the Spanish liaison for Emily's 1rst grade class. Sigh.


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