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After giving up on a (fairly simple) Entrelac dishcloth, I am going to take a class in the method. Sunday, Feb. 8th. at the yarn store near my neighborhood. I am looking forward to it, but I have to choose a yarn for it. Entrelac usually looks nice in long varient colors.
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We have the day off from school, due to a planned teacher-work day.

I'm planning to get a bunch of paperwork done for PTA. I have two children in the house and they are watching TV, specifically Avatar: The Last Airbender TV show.

I missed the deadline for the DELE exam in November. The next time it is offered will be May. So I will have plenty of time to prepare. I still need to make contact with the correct person at the Embassy of Spain to make sure it will be offered in Washington DC. If it won't be offered here, the next closest location is NYC.
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A rainy day without much in the way of work for [ profile] mrmoosie and me. So we are working on some of our medium-term outstanding issues, like organizing my desk.

And we'll have dinner fairly early and close down for sleep somewhat early.
The Geminid meteor shower is supposed to be very good around midnight tonight, but it looks like rain and clouds will continue past that point.


Nov. 16th, 2009 09:21 am
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It would be good to have more playdates with Emily and another child. Maybe not on the weekends.

I did it!

Oct. 1st, 2009 10:38 am
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I used my compost screen to screen compost from my pile into my garden. Although the vast majority of the pile was retained as too big to go through the screen, maybe 20 ounces went through and is now on my garden. It's a lovely dark brown color. I watered it, as well as the compost pile. So I plan to just keep adding to the pile all winter, and ignore the garden (or at least just admire it, without doing anything to it).

There were roots at the bottom of the pile. Probably a near-ish tree was taking advantage. But I hope that that tree put roots in other places also, because those roots are now out in the air and some (not many) are cut.
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I can't do any more on the weekends of Sept. 26-27 or Oct. 3-4. The world needs to stop sending me invitations for those days.

I'm actually feeling pretty good about my understanding of Spanish. Last night was a good class.
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I seem to be making no progress in Spanish. Sigh. Maybe once I complain here, I will advance again. At least for the next few weeks, I will be listening to it and practicing grammar a few times a day while Emily is at school.
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I am mostly ready for tomorrow. I have printed out a vast array of papers that are only sort of important. Apparently, my employer has both a sexual abuse policy and a sexual harassment policy. After reading too much, I know that my employer is against both.

And for some reason, my left wrist hurts. For some other reason, my spouse won't take over all the going-to-sleep parental duties tonight.
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[ profile] mrmoosie is off to the store with a list. I gave him a sneak peek at the school calender and encouraged him to copy important parts into his iPhone.

I buried the deer feces, that I had been walking over (never on) for days while doing my garden work. I seeded all the bare soil areas with Fall Grass seed, that Emily helped us get at the hardware store. Our neighbor recommended that mixture of grass seed. (Although she dug up all her moss, and I lazily just seeded on top of the moss). I thought that moss was an indicator species, but I can't find a reference to it. The Wikipedia entry says that mosses can be encouraged in acid soil and discouraged in alkaline soil, which is close to the bit that I heard about them being an indicator for acid soil. I already know that the site has lots of rainfall, little light and poor water runoff.

I filled three pots with potting soil and put seeds into two of them. That finished off the potting soil for good. And the cantaloupe seeds are all gone now, also.

It rained really hard last night. So I am not going to worry about watering for a while.
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The school schedule is out. The Renn Faire schedule is out. [ profile] mrmoosie 's number of vacation days has been calculated. Ah ha!
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First of all, I am going to work. I'm trying to increase my hours/earnings this year. I have two classes and a tutoring student.

Emily has one camp in July. It's actually 9am-5pm, which is really long for a camp or for a 1rst grade child.

There is a Bible camp in August. I have been doing a lot of preparation for this, with the certification for a volunteer to work with children.

We are going to the beach in July. i will be there for three days and T and Emily have the whole week.

We need to start going to the pool. As soon as both Emily and I are non-contagious. Also, going to a few museums and having a few playdates. i don't feel right about calling yet, since I'm not well yet.


Jun. 13th, 2009 08:25 pm
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My compost is breaking down to very little volume. It looks like earth with sticks stuck into it, for the most part. I try to add stuff every day, but the volume I add every day is very small. I added (6) eggshells, kale stalks, vines, and pepper seeds today. And I added shredded paper. When I turn it, I usually see a fair number of worms. So it's decomposing nicely.

My plan is to spread it out over my garden once I have harvested my last stuff and let it sit for the winter. I will probably need to pull sticks out of it then.
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I am still mid-transfer from one PDA to another (both attached to phones and sync-able with my computer). But the formats and where all the information belongs is not so compatible.

My sister is trying to inspire me to organize by forming a mini-support group with me. We'll see how THAT goes. That is mostly about cleaning up the house and filing papers.

I don't know how I will post every day in November if there is a prolonged outage tomorrow. Oh well.
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There is the dinner for the teachers. There is the St. Martin's Lantern Walk in our park. And I have Spanish class. I am waiting to hear another obligation added on.

I completely forgot to see if we can get a babysitter for Saturday night. Maybe it's not too late.

I really want to get out of the house more and be more social.
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Didn't sleep so well last night. The house still smells funny from the burned washcloth.

I've been hearing myself snore occasionally. I'm spending way too much time trapped between awake and asleep.

Today is my last day of teaching this class.

T is planning to add another big monthly expense (the iPhone with its very expensive service plan). I'm not exactly sure if we have a good place to cut to match it. (I'm sure we do somewhere, but am I going to give up my restaurant habit???). I could try to drop out of the multi-level marketing scheme I'm in, but I am not sure how.

I've got big plans and have to figure out how to achieve them with my limited resources. I'd like to have a good time to sit down with T and go over all this financial stuff.

Oh, and my library books are overdue.

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Cool and clear (but not too cold).

Spanish last night was interesting. We read easy stuff from a reader. The hard(er) words were defined on the side. The grammar books are delayed from Amazon. We also sang a song that I had never heard before.

I am trying to listen to all the podcasts that I have downloaded onto my iPod. Unfortunately, "Futures in Biotech" consists of hour-long interviews, that are hard to finish in any sort of reasonable number of listens. And for some reason, "Just Vocabulary" doesn't delete itself off the iPod once I have listened to it. Something must be wrong in the setting for it.

I probably have to put away things for projects that I am not working on right now.
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Emily is singing to herself and making maps.

Plans: Post to LiveJournal and reply to comments
Pay bills
Turn compost heap
Email students
Find a ballerina costume in the mess of dress-up clothes
Xerox article from the Economist


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