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School is starting (has started) on schedule and will dismiss 2.5 hours early.

Snowmaggedon may now occur.
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[ profile] mrmoosie is falling asleep on the couch. Emily is playing some sort of video game on the iPhone. There are several trucks on our street, one of which is digging up the asphalt of the street. There have been emergency no-parking signs there for a while, so this must be planned.

For a while there were cones suggesting that we couldn't get out or into this street, but they have been moved.

Emily is actually healthy. She will be performing in an ice skating show this afternoon. She's wearing red and pink.

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It's not very easy to pack this snow; it's dry and powdery. It crushes down easier. Emily and I walked up the street and played with S. and her dad and a twelve-year-old and her dad. S. went in because her gloves got cold. Emily wanted to persist in trying to build a fort. It just didn't work because the snow would crush down every time. It took a long time to convince her to come home. So now we're a bit cold and trying to make hot chocolate. Well, actually the Virgo in the house is trying to clean up a spill before he will even try to make hot chocolate.
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Widespread. Everywhere. Consider immersing yourself in handsanitiser.

The vaccine (FluMist H1N1) will be available for children 6 months to 24 years at three high schools on Wednesday the 28th of Oct. My child will be at the high school closest to me. I'm sure that the line will be tremendous.

Emily's school (of 550 students) had 85 out sick today.
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Isn't he (or she) a beauty?

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Moved boxes first thing at [ profile] starstraf 's and sweetie's townhouse. Eventually, had to just supervise my daughter while the rest of them got things organized. :-(  [ profile] mrmoosie felt that he lifted and toted enough for his whole family.
I got email from a person that had compost-able trash and wanted to dispose of it. So I gave her directions to my heap. :-)

The pizza that we got was delicious. :-) Emily had a grilled bacon and cheese sandwich. She left the bones (crusts) for Teddy Bear ([ profile] starstraf 's and sweetie's dog).

We had ice cream nearby. The leaves were falling on us. Tons of leaves.

When I got home, I turned my compost to bury the new additions. 

Then it rained all night. :-) My garden/yard and compost needed that.

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Last night I saw two fire trucks on our narrow dead-end road. I went outside to see the fire get something from my car. An elderly woman (who usually walks a little white dog) was standing on my sidewalk. She started calling for help. She walked up toward me, calling for help, saying that these weren't real police officers. A large group of uniformed men were following her up my sidewalk. One of them held her arm and she resisted a lot. I stepped a step at this point. One police officer told me to go inside and another one started questioning her about firearms. She told them that they were not really police officers, just actors. I went inside.

I guess that she has Alzheimer's and was out-of-control in some way. She lives with an elderly frail man (and the little white fluffy dog). He probably called the police on her if she had threatened him.

Of course, I don't know for sure, maybe someone hired two fire trucks, a fire SUV and three police cars, dressed at least eight men in our county's police uniforms and brought them all here to persecute this old lady. I don't think so, but if I am wrong, I totally did the wrong thing.


Jun. 16th, 2008 06:31 pm
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Today is another "first day of summer". Emily had swimming lessons at 10am. She was slightly impolite to her teacher, saying that she wanted mommy to teach her. Obviously, I wanted the teacher to teach her. i have no trouble teaching her the stokes, the kicks, etc. But this is a very experienced preschool teacher (she teaches three-year-olds at Emily's preschool during the school year, but Emily never was her student) and has taught swimming to at least half of our pool's swim team.

There is a broken water main somewhere in Mont. Co. and ALL the water is to be considered contaminated--for the next three days at least.
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The adventures of Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Ouack, Pack, and Quack.
Ducklings were in our neighborhood last night. They were wandering from yard to yard and crossing the street. I stopped a car, so they could cross safely (like Micheal in Make Way for Ducklings). And I had 11-year-old girl neighbor (let's call her J), 6-year-old boy neighbor (M) and Emily "helping" me with them. They finally hid in the yard next to M's house (next to M lives 60-year-old man neighbor, R). Tim came home and I turned the whole problem over to him. All the kids were playing on M's swingset. Eventually, R and his dog went into backyard and the mommy duck wanted to come out and Tim and 6-year-old boy's father herded them into the woods toward the creek. Emily wanted to read "Make Way for Ducklings" this morning before school. So I speed-read it while DH got her ready. She has it on her lap to look at the pictures on her way to school.

J, M, Emily are turning into quite a gang. There are plenty of kids in the neighborhood, and the group adds on kids freely. There is a six-year-old girl (J2), another six-year-old (E), her four-year-old sister (A), that sometimes join in. Tim or I usually, but not always, are supervising. If E and A come, their mom, S, usually supervises them.


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