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We are riding it out at home. Moving debris, outdoor supplies and toys indoors or far away from the house. Also chopping the debris into small bits that can't do damage on their own, because we have an insane amount of tree debris. Lots of old trees on property and we made a natural woodpile for animals. Well, I destroyed that woodpile this morning in the name of damage prevention.

I saw two large male deer last night on my way home from the Meet and Greet for the PTA. Just standing on someone's lawn like they owned it. We need more predators for them here.
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The chipmunks are jumping up to get the low ones. The birds are getting at the higher ones. They are all very determined. It seems that I will need to think about netting to protect the raspberries if I want to eat any of them.

Other neighbors complain about deer, but I can see who is attacking my bushes, and it is not deer.

Emily is sick today and [ profile] mrmoosie will be taking care of her all day.
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Emily's bulb (from Religious Education) is sprouting. So is something else that I planted near the door. When it gets taller, I'll try to identify it. There is still snow on the ground in a few places.
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I sprinkled some seeds in our front yard (between the sidewalk and the street, which is technically owned by the county).

It's a mixture (commercially put together) of annuals and perennials. I lost the package just a few minutes ago. The area between the sidewalk and the street looks salty and has small pebbles from all the snow removal. I doubt that this year will be good for that area. [ profile] mrmoosie found some graphs that seem to show that this area gets tremendous amounts of snow every 7 years. It looks like an El Niño effect. So from that I would predict that the area between the sidewalk and the street gets dosed with pebbles and salt and sand and other debris on a seven-year cycle. Most years, there is very little need for plows here. So, if it grows this year, it should grow in the other years of the cycle.

Tomorrow I hope to get the last GS cookies out to their recipients.
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So I guess that the crows and the robins are both sure that winter is done. Either that or they are counting on Emily to throw birdseed.
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It's not very easy to pack this snow; it's dry and powdery. It crushes down easier. Emily and I walked up the street and played with S. and her dad and a twelve-year-old and her dad. S. went in because her gloves got cold. Emily wanted to persist in trying to build a fort. It just didn't work because the snow would crush down every time. It took a long time to convince her to come home. So now we're a bit cold and trying to make hot chocolate. Well, actually the Virgo in the house is trying to clean up a spill before he will even try to make hot chocolate.
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We only got to dig one hole, since the morning shift was very busy and well-populated.

I am finally feeling better from my tick bite/medication for Lyme disease.

I got a fair amount of laundry done before I taught.
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Tomorrow, [ profile] mrmoosie is digging holes as part of Emily's school's various "green" projects. Emily and I are going to help, of course. On Wednesday, the classes are going to plant trees in the holes.

There are a ton of "green" projects at her school, such as "No-Waste Wednesdays" where the lunch room tries to minimize the waste by washing the aluminum heating/serving containers and collecting all other possible recyclables. There is a wildlife area in one of the courtyards, which is also an outdoor classroom. They had a native seed collection program in September and early October. I'm sure that some set of these are associated with the "Roots and Shoots" group at the school. Some are affiliated with the "Green Schools Initiative" that is run by the State of Maryland. Emily's school is in the second year of that initiative. They are going to continue with the ideas after the two-year program is over.

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I am officially being treated for Lyme disease. I am taking pills as big as my little finger twice a day for 3 to 4 weeks, leaning on the side of 4 weeks.

My daughter is insisting on tick checks after she is outside. I need to insist for myself also. Our house may look like a zoo where the apes are grooming each other, but that's better than a tick getting by our scrutiny.

I do believe that time outdoors is important for children, and [ profile] cvirtue 's latest post just adds to that. Ticks are a hazard, but one that we can deal with.

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Yesterday, while 4 to 5 children were raking my front yard, there were shouts of "Mouse, mouse". I went over to check it out. It was a mole. Quite small, maybe 2 to 2.5 inches long, a little squished-looking, probably not even 0.5 inches at max distance from the ground and 1 inch wide. It wasn't "fat", but more widely splayed hips.

It had a little snout. It was dark brown in color with short dense fur. It stuck close to the ground and scurried to get away from the party of children examining it. It eventually got under the leaves that had not been raked yet and got away from the children.

Just here.

Oct. 23rd, 2009 09:26 am
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I love watching the leaves fall. I don't love raking them as much, however.

I've tried mowing them into the grass, but it doesn't work as well as I'd like. My mower is completely human-powered, and the leaves tend to pass through without being cut at all.
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Isn't he (or she) a beauty?

In my yard

Oct. 19th, 2009 01:44 pm
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There is either a turtle or just a turtle shell. I am afraid to poke around it too much. Brownish-black with yellow in each plate.

ETA: It is definitely a complete turtle. It is trying to leave and I will let it. Maybe just one picture.
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There are still some leaves to fall. The bulbs are all in the ground.

The compost is full of the innards of pumpkins.

The sheer number of events on Wednesday is excessive.

Poison Ivy

Oct. 10th, 2009 06:25 pm
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I would swear that my neighbors are growing a Poison Ivy tree in their backyard. I imagine that they never actually use that corner of their yard and had NO IDEA what was growing there (and spreading into my yard).

Now I *know* why it is sometimes called a hairy vine. The climbing roots actually look like tangled human hair.

Now, the question is, am I still immune to poison ivy?

Better go shower.
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Emily is taking a bath, and I hope that the smell of turkey grease will be gone forever at that point. At least until Thanksgiving.

My sister pointed me to a website that is dedicated to using composting to reduce methane emissions from landfills.

I have finally had an idea for Emily's birthday (that does not involve cleaning up our house, which is important).

I received the wrong email in connection with my PTA committee. I am hoping for the right one on Monday, since it would be highly useful to know that information by Tuesday at 7:40am.

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I looked through my backyard under a flowering tree. Several of the blossoms have fallen. The slugs are eating the blossoms. Now, I'm not too worried about this, since they are far from my garden. (And the only thing growing in my garden that I eat is raspberries).

The snake from earlier this year would love to be eating those slugs, but it's probably too cool out there for the snake to be comfortable. I put the blossoms into the compost heap and perhaps the slugs will break down some of the other items into useful organic humus.

[ profile] mrmoosie is awake, tired and playing Settlers with his daughter. I'm trying to remember the rule about "6 hours of sleep and 2 good meals, or 2 hours of sleep and 6 good meals".

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One of the ducks from the school courtyard was out in front today (9/18/09). The children were so enthusiastic about seeing him/her.

The media specialist/G&T coordinator was taking videos of the duck. Other ducks have been flying south for the winter and we hope that this one will start flying south also. This is one of the children from the mommy duck who laid eggs in the courtyard last spring.

The acorns are falling and birds are flying in my backyard.

I had a nightmare about compost last night. Oh boy.
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My neighbor just alerted me to the risk of copperheads in our neighborhood. With the heavy rains, and our nearby river, they are getting flooded out of their 'dens' and are trying to get to a smaller stream. This is also the time when baby copperheads are born (late summer, early fall).

More grass

Aug. 1st, 2009 09:01 pm
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And a slightly shorter way to Cantler's. Emily fed the ducks with crab gills she saved from dinner.

The totem pole has been left in a dangerous--ish state. One heavy limb is one-half sawed-through. I will have to finish that very, very soon. [ profile] starstraf 's sweetie needs his own LJ id suggested a way to cut it quickly.


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