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The casting for the A-team has a mistake. The actor for Face spends much (of the trailers, at least) unshaven. Sad.

[ profile] mrmoosie at least assures me that Tony Stark cleans up nice.
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I came home from teaching last night to a computer loaded with pictures of the Millennium Falcon. Emily and [ profile] mrmoosie printed out a floor plan, and we had to look for the bathroom (it's there) and the chatting room (not to be confused with the chat room). Emily fell asleep minutes after putting the floor plan on the nightstand.
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[ profile] mrmoosie took Emily to see "Where the Wild Things Are". Emily enjoyed it. She thought that the violence was fine and that the fort that was built was very cool. [ profile] mrmoosie was interested in the psychological backdrop of the movie.

One of the first grade teachers invited the children and their parents to meet up with her to see the movie. Emily enjoyed having a group outing with her fellow first graders.

Although Common Sense media gave it an appropriate age of 9+, the mixed group of 6 and 7 year-olds were happy with it.

ETA: The More Child blogger didn't like the movie version.


Sep. 7th, 2009 12:41 pm
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How politely can I kick [ profile] mrmoosie and Emily out of the house? I need some quiet. They are now watching "The Wrong Trousers" by Nick Park.

I need to find the authorization to get my fingerprints taken.

The light in [ profile] mrmoosie 's office burnt out Saturday, and it is no fun trying to file things in the dark.

I have a goal of finishing many of my todo items today. I also have a goal of clearing a layer or two on my "desk".

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Although there were parts that were, well, too predictable, I enjoyed it. I didn't pull T's arm off (I have a tendency to hold and then pull his arm when a movie is exciting and we are watching it together).

The complicated logistics of getting Emily babysat worked out.

Star Trek

May. 13th, 2009 09:23 am
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Arrangements are being made to see Star Trek on Friday, while Emily is in "Kids Night Out".
I am looking forward to it.
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I have the phone numbers of three young teens for babysitting purposes. They are usually busy.

I also have a baby-sitting service at Emily's school. They do a Kid's Night Out once every two months. I am a regular customer. It's easier to save up the need to go out for a pre-arranged day, than to call and find a time that works with the soccer, ice-skating, hanging with other girls lives of the young teens.

I am sure that many other parents find themselves with a similar system.
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Emily has watched Star Wars IV, V and VI in the course of 2 weeks. She doesn't seem to be having any nightmares.

My SIL asked us which ones to show my nephew (and I assume, niece). We have lent them IV and V. My nephew was so excited about borrowing them. He also has been reading some of the children's books based on the series.

I think we are going to let there be a big break between VI and I. I hope so, because there is a lot of explaining going on.
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After a good birthday party, comes the thank you notes. And I need to get stamps (there were not any at Target or I forgot to ask). I sent out an email asking the party-goers if they had left two jackets that we found the next morning.

Emily and T are watching Star Wars: A New Hope right now. I think that Luke and Ben are going into Mos Eisley right now. T wishes to go in order IV, V, VI, I, II, III and I'm not so sure that V will be suitable any time soon. So Emily will be rewatching this one for a long while.

T and I got a chance to discuss the budget this morning. Not to draw any conclusions, but for me to show him the printouts and where he can find more information. It's not as simple as it was ten years ago (or even five years ago).


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