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After giving up on a (fairly simple) Entrelac dishcloth, I am going to take a class in the method. Sunday, Feb. 8th. at the yarn store near my neighborhood. I am looking forward to it, but I have to choose a yarn for it. Entrelac usually looks nice in long varient colors.


Nov. 2nd, 2014 07:43 pm
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I have been knitting a lot lately.

I finished mrmoosie's Sorceror's Sweater. Sorceror Sweater

I finished another vest.

Ocean vest

I actually really love the colors and the way they mix on this vest. And the choice of buttons is really nice. The recipient went with me to buy the buttons.
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I wonder if I don't understand how Raglan sleeves are constructed. The top of the garment is made of the sleeve and the top of the back, right? The front comes to a point, so it can't contribute to the top edge. The sloped edge of the back goes on for at least an inch longer than the sloped part of the sleeve, which is confusing me. The sleeve needs to meet in order to close the sleeve (to make it a tube, for the arm). The front sloped edge seems to be off from the sleeve by the same amount, so maybe the sloped edge of the front and the sloped edge of the back are supposed to connect under the sleeve?

April Fools

Apr. 1st, 2008 02:43 pm
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Emily wore her half-completed sweater as a tabard this morning. (Actually, tabard doesn't mean what I thought it meant, I thought that it was the word for a front and back just connected over the shoulders). And her teachers liked it.

I am tired, for no good reason.
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Fabric glue. I need a very strong fabric glue that doesn't need heat (and will glue a plastic-coated thing to fabric). 
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This is a site that instructs you on the finer points of knitting (and sells stuff).
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Much yarn has been purchased today.
A rolling cart with 4 drawers has been added to my house.
An OpenOffice spreadsheet of yarn types, prices (at the two competitors I've tried) and amount/length per skein has been created.
I am beginning to fill up said rolling cart with sewing and knitting supplies.


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