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International Night did not do well being late at night on the same day as the Valentine's Day parties.

The crowd would NOT be quiet for the presentations. And having them in the same room as the food made it worse. Having the whole event in one room was a mistake (and a big one). But someone (and perhaps it should have been me) needed to demand that people shut up and stay shut up. Grump.
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I have: my daughter in an Afghan shirt, my grape leaves doing their last cooking, and my display from last year. I will spice up with Matryoshka dolls, my laminated "Cutting Board" (never cut on a laminated board), and the recipe book.

The big question is whether I am going to cook the mushrooms recipe also.
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Well, one of my PTA roles is high-visibility, literally. I help direct traffic in the morning.

While shopping in the grocery store today, the florist area manager came up to me and said that I seemed familiar. Sure enough, she has a child at my daughter's school. So the topic of International Night (Saturday, OMG, I'm doomed) came up.

The other topic that comes up is that the parents would like their children to get some instruction in Spanish. Or, like this woman, feel that they are capable of teaching children (more than just their own child) formal Spanish. I simply have to get the children and the parents together in a club or another venue.
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We took Emily to the zoo. It was pretty cold, but we had some fun. We said goodbye to Tai Shan, the baby (who's more of a teenager) panda who will be traveling to China to see if he can meet a nice girl panda. We met up with a family that we had met once before at the zoo. I know the mom from the Internets.

I made a soup of orange vegetables. It's pretty good in a creamy soup way.

We told Emily about 9/11 today in terms of major events of the decade. It may take her a while to ask her questions about the event. We compared it to Mr. 'Splody Pants, just that they involved airplanes and bracketed the 'Naughties in terms of time. We've mentioned the war in Afghanistan a few times. She may have made more sense of it this time, since we put 9/11 as the cause of it and since the father of the family has been in Afghanistan. She may also remember that the father of her school friend has also been in Afghanistan.

Anyway, we're trying to give her the view of history without depressing her or frightening her. She is pretty sensitive to these things. She often has questions about things like that.

I'm back

Dec. 8th, 2009 11:51 am
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And I got "And the Band Played On" from the library. it is a classic now, but it was a barn-stormer for research into AIDS and for press coverage of AIDS in the 1980s.

There is a biomedical book club that I am hoping to join. That is the book for December. Some of the other books will be more recently printed (and hence, harder to get at the library).

I will be trying to read a reasonable amount in the coming year (including some fiction). It's not good to give up on something that was an important part of my life.

Another non-fiction work that I am interested in is "Reflections on the Revolution in Europe" by Christopher Caldwell. It's about the integration or lack of integration of Muslims into modern Europe.
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The same one that we had before. At first, we didn't understand him at all. Then he slowed down and we got used to his accent, his word choices and his mannerisms.

He was a little confused that we have two women named Deborah in the same class of five students. It is a little amusing.

We talked about the Spanish Civil War and the terrorist group ETA. His ancestry on one side is Basque, and he did try to tell us something about the Basque country. I think I am spelling that slightly wrong in English.
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I need to listen to the news in English as well as Spanish. I just don't understand enough to figure out an informed opinion in Spanish.

Sigh, I don't have the time for that.

Sigh, so I guess I will continue to be ill-informed for at least the rest of the calender year.
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Update from WHO

Transmission is decreasing in the Southern Hemisphere (with few isolated places that are increasing (mostly those that started seeing infection later)). Transmission is falling in Europe, especially Britain. Transmission is rising in those areas of Asia that have a monsoon season, India, Bangladesh, etc.  Transmission is steadily quite high in Central America.

We will see how the back-to-school season goes in the Northern Hemisphere, especially Mexico, the US and Canada.


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