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Long summer days. With children.

Mrmoosie's family is visiting, so we are having a lot of fun, but getting totally off schedule.

I spent three hours today on a practice test for chemistry. I actually did quite well, so I am feeling more confident. It was long and exhausting, however.

Not really sure how to take logarithms without a table of them or a calculator. Is this something I learned in math, or never learned? I do remember using the tables of logarithms.
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Tonight we are going to have dinner with the grandparents (my parents). After that, we are going to pick up some groceries.

I was doing laundry and found that there were clothes soaking for who knows how long. They are being washed at the moment.

My sister has asked me to go to two Open Houses for schools that she is considering sending her son to. This week, and they are both in the morning.

I still don't have many of the papers I need for finishing our taxes. I do have both W2s, which is good.

I find it very irritating that our money market fund paid no interest all year long.

Tomorrow is the first day of work for my MCAT class.

[ profile] mrmoosie is having trouble thinking and getting sentences finished. He's just so tired all the time.
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A good writer always thinks about his/her audience. A recent article in Wired argues that the advent of social media is improving the sense of "audience" for millions of young people. Although the "misses", such as sending a drunken photo to your teachers/parents/employers, are notable, the average message is tailored for the intended audience much more than before.

My personal connection to this issue is that my mother is critiquing my FaceBook status updates. She thinks they are too boring.
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I'm thankful that my mom will call me with turkey cooking questions.
I'm thankful that [ profile] mrmoosie and I still find the West Wing with the president calling the Butterball Hotline to be funny.
I'm thankful that [ profile] mrmoosie still loves me and I still love him.
I'm thankful that Emily is learning to read and asks lots of questions about what she reads. I hope that she retains that trait.
I'm thankful that Emily is cautious. I'm thankful that she can be brave after assessing the risks.
I'm thankful for [ profile] mrmoosie 's well-paying job. In a way, I'm thankful for his work ethic, even though it means lots of late evenings for him.
I'm thankful for my work. It gives me something else to do and allows me to feel I am good at something.
I'm thankful for a 4-day weekend and no planned travel or work. [ profile] mrmoosie and I need some downtime.
I'm thankful for [ profile] mrmoosie 's well-paying job. It allows us to throw money at problems around the house, instead of leaving them unsolved or actually learning the right way to fix them ourselves.
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I am officially being treated for Lyme disease. I am taking pills as big as my little finger twice a day for 3 to 4 weeks, leaning on the side of 4 weeks.

My daughter is insisting on tick checks after she is outside. I need to insist for myself also. Our house may look like a zoo where the apes are grooming each other, but that's better than a tick getting by our scrutiny.

I do believe that time outdoors is important for children, and [ profile] cvirtue 's latest post just adds to that. Ticks are a hazard, but one that we can deal with.

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I'm going through four styling products, frantically looking for the one my sister recommended. "It has dimethicone in it; that's the one".


Feb. 19th, 2009 02:38 pm
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My nephew is doing academic things far in advance of the rest of his pre-school. (He is about to turn 4). He can count to 50, he knows his alphabet so well that he can do alphabetical order. Wow.
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Oh my, I have a ton of things to do. Just checking on email and organizing stuff. I have two MCAT classes with TONS of students in each. Just having their names, email addresses and phone numbers is a daunting task.

More tax information has finally come in. Not going to reduce the amount that we owe by much. But it will be nice when it is all finished and I can write the check and send it off (April 14th).

My sister is bidding on a house, finally. So, if they get it, we'll have to help them pack up and move in. (I will, T will be too busy with work, and Emily is more of a problem than a help, still).

I doubt that there will be any raises this year at my work. That will be the second year in a row of no raises. Maybe they will find a solution and manage to have some sort of token raises.
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Must get directions to Howard University (and figure out what room I'll be going to).
Rearrange my notes for the interesting order in the accelerated class.
Either dig out our driveway or buy icemelt and melt out our driveway (driveway is nearly completely ice).
File lots of paperwork.
Dump shredding on top of my compost to keep the squirrels from making a mess in there. The mess is SO much more obvious spread out over a layer of clean ice on top of snow.
Make sure that my daughter eats healthy food. Ha, ha, ha. I crack myself up.
Send my sister a book on composting with worms. That's fun.
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Boy, I am glad this week is ending.

I think I need to make a master copy of the homework I am giving my tutoring student, since I have to turn in the tutoring logs every week. In addition, I found the spaces for homework too small on the tutoring logs. Maybe I will design my own form and give it to the central office to be available for download. I have to poke around on the downloads site anyway to see if there is something that my boss promised to email me.

My brother is a tiny bit peeved at me that I let the kids play Legos indoors instead of insisting that they play outdoors, since yesterday was the first warmish day in a while.

My car is back in order, except for a few flaws that the dealer will have to fix.

Last night was Math Mania at Emily's school. The teachers showed us all sorts of teaching games to use with our children (not part of the homework). They also reminded us that 100 days of school is coming up and the children will want to have a collection of 100 things (obviously small things) to bring it.


Jan. 18th, 2009 08:45 pm
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I hate visiting my brother during football season. Or in fact, when anything he likes is on TV. They kept switching back between (some game) and the concert downtown.

I might just be done anyway. I've been looking forward to seeing everyone, having them be in town and going down for the inauguration for so long that actually doing it seems anticlimatic. And having the TV on in the background all the time is definitely like not having them there at all.
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Santa brought a remote-control car for Emily. The mere sound of the wheels is causing a Pavlovian response of anger from me.

T is having a difficult time talking to his brother on the phone. They are discussing stuff that has to do with Santa and his work. Emily is practically sitting on T's lap and the other (five-year-old) cousin is pretty close to T's brother.

I need to never listen to T on the phone; it just makes me mad.

Baby born

Dec. 17th, 2008 06:05 pm
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I am glad to hear that a baby has been born in T's sister's family. T has figured out how to send me the picture after a few false starts.

Emily and T managed to play the dreidel game a few times today. I managed to achieve super-human amounts of laundry. I couldn't find some clothes, because they were not only clean, but put away!!!!

We have to look over Emily's homework and figure out what parts we can do anyway.
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Although it is warmer. I am just not sure I want to deal with my mother, either to take her with me or listen to complaints when I don't.
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Poor T.

My favorite quote for this particular holiday comes from "The West Wing":

President Josiah Bartlet: If I cook the stuffing inside my turkey, can I kill my guests? I'm not saying that would be a deal breaker.

The only cooking directions on my green beans are "Keep Frozen".

I think we are done.

I am tired (exhausted).

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This link is to the breaking story of the FBI's charges in the anthrax case. Finally.

This reminds me of my sister.

By day, a mild-mannered administrative officer at the FDA. By night, a uniformed crime-fighter in the front lines against terrorism. Able to stop anthrax with a single (type of) pill. This unsung heroine ....


Apr. 8th, 2008 12:27 pm
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Too, too hectic.

Took T's car into the shop at the crack of dawn today.

Preparing the last stuff for the last class on Wednesday.

Paid bills today. More "other communications" from the companies that we regularly do business with. Not really in English, just legal speak.

More "thoughts" from my mom about Emily sleeping or not sleeping. Where it is any of her business, I fail to see the connection. I think she just proposed that Emily not play at all between dinner and bath. So not going to happen. Doesn't even happen like that in the Nazi's my SIL's house.
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At my brother's house. My nephew has his birthday this week (he's six).
Emily was being her obstinate self. She and her girl cousin played with Playmobil princesses, although Emily kept trying to get me to play also. Then after dinner (which Emily didn't actually eat much of) and cake, the Lego construction began. With lots of instruction and care from the adults, no Legos were lost. Then it was time to go home and Emily rebelled, but my brother caught her and made her put on her shoes and coat. Then she ran out the door and slid down the driveway (BTW, we've been having freezing rain since around 2pm).
I finally got her home and argued about not having ice cream. She finally ate go-gurts, a banana and Ovaltine.

T is trying to reassure me that she is just testing the limits of me (as the disciplinarian) and herself (and her control or lack of it over her emotions). She really seems to lack any control.
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She's a flake


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