Mar. 8th, 2010 10:53 am
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Surprisingly sour, with strong flavor in a tiny package. Still trying to figure out what they are good for. Going to try them on a crabcake, where I would usually use lemon juice.
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We took Emily to the zoo. It was pretty cold, but we had some fun. We said goodbye to Tai Shan, the baby (who's more of a teenager) panda who will be traveling to China to see if he can meet a nice girl panda. We met up with a family that we had met once before at the zoo. I know the mom from the Internets.

I made a soup of orange vegetables. It's pretty good in a creamy soup way.

We told Emily about 9/11 today in terms of major events of the decade. It may take her a while to ask her questions about the event. We compared it to Mr. 'Splody Pants, just that they involved airplanes and bracketed the 'Naughties in terms of time. We've mentioned the war in Afghanistan a few times. She may have made more sense of it this time, since we put 9/11 as the cause of it and since the father of the family has been in Afghanistan. She may also remember that the father of her school friend has also been in Afghanistan.

Anyway, we're trying to give her the view of history without depressing her or frightening her. She is pretty sensitive to these things. She often has questions about things like that.
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I am making stew for dinner tonight. I realized too late that I didn't have an onion, so I used onion powder.

[livejournal.com profile] mrmoosie and Emily are making sock puppets.

Crabs today

Aug. 1st, 2009 09:23 am
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We are dining out with [livejournal.com profile] starstraf , her sweetie, and P and E.

Yummy, long drive.

Emily has a dangerously loose tooth. We will need to bring some sort of container for it, if it comes out at dinner.

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I have been making dishes with kale and spinach to increase my vitamin K amount.

A salad with spinach, mango and avocado. Stuffed red peppers with kale, rice and red pepper bits.
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Emily and her friend from school are watching The Lion King.

It's not raining at this very moment. However, it is extremely wet out there.
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Today, T and I are finally taking down the tree. Finally.

T suggests that I get "Things" for my iPhone and my computer so that I can have the functionality of a to-do list. I think he is completely right!

I've been loading up Facebook with pictures from the last couple of months. Emily has gotten some great ones of T, with the regular assortment of pictures of her thumb. It's harder to get a good picture of me (good meaning slimming :-)).

Tonight's dinner was a roast with potatoes and carrots. Yummy. It was preseasoned with a red wine and some spices (thank you, Trader Joe's).
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I wasn't doing too well today, especially when I read [livejournal.com profile] rose1thorn 's journal.

One trouble-maker at lunch didn't have a lunch. No wonder he was trouble. I feel bad for the kid. I know that the school will give a free cheese sandwich no matter how poor or irresponsible your parents are. Of course, that cheese sandwich is followed up by a home visit from the social worker, maybe he didn't want to risk that.

5 drinks were spilled. A brand-new record (for me, at least).

Emily wasn't doing her work at school. She says that she couldn't do it because there were only yellow and red crayons at her table. Of course, she could go to the other table and trade for other colors. It has to do with not solving her own problems. So she had to bring home her work and do it at home with her homework.

The contractors had to work late tonight to get finished.

Then I ran the water from the sink straight onto the counter and then all over the floor. That was actually funny (mostly because T came home in the middle of the mess). Finally, I got into a better mood.


Dec. 23rd, 2008 09:56 am
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Dinner last night was excellent!

Emily wasn't particularly interested in it. Too bad for her.

It's cold (not as cold as Chicago) and very sunny here today. Everything crunches underfoot. Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer and rainy. There were a lot of vegetable scraps from preparing last night's dinner and they are freezing in the compost heap. By spring, they should be slimy little black bits, all broken up from thawing and refreezing and rain falling and leaching out the nutrients. Yum, garden. I have taken to covering the pile with cardboard to slow down the squirrels eating it. We had about 1/5 of our normal crop of acorns and many oak trees around here didn't produce any acorns. So the squirrels have been a little more eager to get pumpkins and other types of food (decorations) that people leave out.
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For all of 2008!!!!!!!

I have no real idea if something is going on with a teacher's gift from the room parent (and the rest of the parents--sort of). The teacher next door got her gift today. I might have to dive out tomorrow for chocolates and a card.

I am making a delicious stew today. It just takes forever to cook. It's smelling very good right now.
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It will be pizza for me and I'm not sure what for Emily. The pizza looks good, but fairly spicy.

Hmm, Emily fell asleep in her room. Maybe she'll eat later with T.

It's amazing how badly she behaves before she naps. I should really remember that atrocious behavior is sometimes a sign of needing sleep.


Dec. 12th, 2008 06:26 pm
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I started cooking fairly early this morning in my crockpot. Still not ready. So we're going to have mac-and-cheese and put this thing in the fridge and start cooking again tomorrow. Anything with beans (at least in my house) takes just about forever to cook.

We're going ice skating tonight. Fun, fun, fun.
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The character of Rasputin in "Anastasia" is basically some sort of zombie. Emily and T are making horribly disgusting body part jokes. I was trying to eat. I think I'll have to go to bed hungry, because I can't turn off my imagination.

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We are having dinner guests over, so I have to finish stuffing papers into boxes from which they'll never return cleaning the dining room table. Then I have to remove the computer from the dining room table.

I have papers ready to go for my PTA commitments. Next week is going to be busy anyway, possible child-sitting is just going to be more interesting. I need to see if I have an address for the PONY system (a school system mailing system that requires no money). If not, I'll have to use the US postal system.

I have managed to clear out some old papers to the tune of two boxes worth of recycling. I actually do feel accomplished.

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On the other hand, I've now made the gravy and the potatoes.

My compost is still doing OK. It's a bit too moist. I've added some shredded papers and cardboard to help dry it out. T can't believe that it's so moist after the lack of rain. But it's all the kitchen scraps that are pretty moist (plus the occasional liquid from steaming veggies). Of course, not much will go on with it over the winter, except mechanical stress and possible leaching of nutrients into the soil beneath. I saw no insects in it. The low tonight is supposed to be below freezing. On occasional warm days, worms might come to near the surface.

We need to have something other than leftovers tomorrow (even though there are plenty of leftovers).
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Poor T.

My favorite quote for this particular holiday comes from "The West Wing":

President Josiah Bartlet: If I cook the stuffing inside my turkey, can I kill my guests? I'm not saying that would be a deal breaker.

The only cooking directions on my green beans are "Keep Frozen".

I think we are done.

I am tired (exhausted).

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Yes. We needed something in the house to eat and I was super-hungry.

I have been browsing crockpot recipes all morning. MMMMMmmmm.

I bought an eggplant for one of those recipes. I hope I get to it soon.

I can't find my favorite pork chops recipe on my computer. I guess it only exists in hardcopy.
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And I could update my friends about my life.

I am distracting myself from cleaning the house right now.

My dad found an application that will make a catalog of your books. I assume that it must be for the Mac if he is interested in it.

Emily last night was imagining a wonderful feast of all her favorite foods. She included in that list, spiral-cut ham by the best chef in the world. "You know, mommy, we went to see him sometime and ate that pig". That would be Pooch!!!

I absolutely must go shopping for groceries soon.
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We went out to eat with friends at La Tasca in Rockville. We really liked the tapas there. With five people (one a child), we ordered 7 dishes (plus two appetizers). Appetizers at a tapas place are just even smaller portions, but different items.

We ordered Spanish Omlette, but it's really cooked potatoes and onions glued together with a tiny bit of egg. It's probably not something we will get again, even though Coffee Break Spanish likes it.
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Let's hope that Emily is feeling less sniffly and coughing tomorrow to meet Ms. M (her teacher). I will have to pack her lunch since I didn't put any money on her account. I'll have to see if I can tomorrow.


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