Jun. 11th, 2012 07:30 pm
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Only 3 more hours to go! The 2011-2012 school year (3rd grade for Emily) will end tomorrow with a half-day. So much has been happening.

I intend never to be on quite as many PTA committees ever again. Some days (weeks), it seemed like I was in the school all day, every day.

I am turning over the foreign language committee to someone else. It will be advertised many many times probably before someone picks it up. But, as long as someone picks it up early in the school year, it will still work out. Emily is unlikely to do Spanish next year (grade 4) and it seems she will have a built-in conflict in grade 5.

Emily is being advanced far and fast in math, and she is enjoying it a huge amount. Fourth grade, she will be taking Math 6 with a group of 5th graders. In fifth grade, she will go over to the local middle school for math before the day begins at her elementary school (this would conflict with Spanish if it continues to be offered at the same time at the elementary school).

Emily and I are going to do a lot of Spanish work over the summer.
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Many of which I had put off too long.

I am doing laundry. Starting with adult dark clothes and I am hoping to get as far as sheets and towels. (ETA: some towels done, lots of adult dark clothes)

I'm changing the Brita filter. (ETA: done)

I am listening to a large number of news reports in Spanish. I am mostly listening to those from the recent days (about Egipto).

I am sending out letters from the PTA that I should have done before the first of February. (ETA: done, thank goodness)

I am planning to run on my treadmill. Or, at least walk.

I am going to see if there is still space to sign Emily up for the Girl Scout camp that she would like to do.
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The choices for after-school activities are so many, and the forms and instructions are so complicated, the PTA may wind up with more unhappy parents and students than before. It is an impressive train wreck.

Of course, after-school activities are not necessary for the running of a school.
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But maybe soon.

I have several hats on my head with regards to PTA. One is membership. I am the one who collects all the forms and issues all the cards. National PTA has a database to make that easy (supposably). Right now I am still digging through last year's papers to get the secret codes to make the database work for me. I also have emails into the former holders of my position.

[ profile] mrmoosie is trying desperately to balance the checkbook. He has a large discrepancy from at least two registers back. But he can't resolve it until/unless we find the register three registers back.

Some one has touched my foreign language hat and I will not be calm until his/her situation is settled. I hope that he/she is a fluent English-speaker.
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This is a tough time of year for real news. The news outlets do all their best/worst of 2009, and this year they are doing the best/worst of 2000-2009.

It's highly windy today.

I need to figure out my volunteer hours for Dec. They are going to be pretty large.
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Tomorrow, [ profile] mrmoosie is digging holes as part of Emily's school's various "green" projects. Emily and I are going to help, of course. On Wednesday, the classes are going to plant trees in the holes.

There are a ton of "green" projects at her school, such as "No-Waste Wednesdays" where the lunch room tries to minimize the waste by washing the aluminum heating/serving containers and collecting all other possible recyclables. There is a wildlife area in one of the courtyards, which is also an outdoor classroom. They had a native seed collection program in September and early October. I'm sure that some set of these are associated with the "Roots and Shoots" group at the school. Some are affiliated with the "Green Schools Initiative" that is run by the State of Maryland. Emily's school is in the second year of that initiative. They are going to continue with the ideas after the two-year program is over.

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Emily is taking a bath, and I hope that the smell of turkey grease will be gone forever at that point. At least until Thanksgiving.

My sister pointed me to a website that is dedicated to using composting to reduce methane emissions from landfills.

I have finally had an idea for Emily's birthday (that does not involve cleaning up our house, which is important).

I received the wrong email in connection with my PTA committee. I am hoping for the right one on Monday, since it would be highly useful to know that information by Tuesday at 7:40am.

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I used my lightbox for 20 minutes this morning. OK, maybe I lost track of time and it was an hour. I am totally revved up. I have a ton of things to do for my PTA committee and some of the information I need is in Yahoo! mail. Mail is acting slow, plus I have a ton of messages that I *could* respond to (mostly having to do with that same committee).

My brain keeps firing up things for me to do. I have a category in my "things" (a todo list) called public health. It seems to include advising people to get the flu vaccine, figure out whether someone should get the nasal vaccine or the shot, and telling people that flu parties are one of the dumbest ideas out there. It also includes donating blood, but that requires sitting still.

Unfortunately for me, I can't listen to podcasts (especially not Spanish) very well in this hyper state. Or study.


Sep. 22nd, 2009 12:35 pm
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I have closed registration for my class(es). There will be three, Spanish level 1, and two sessions of Introductory Spanish. Now to send out the paperwork, and safety information, etc. Sigh. It will all work out.

My doctor will have flu shots on Oct. 6. Flu is widespread in the Southeastern region of the US and isolated states in the Midwest and Southwest. That includes Illinois and Kansas, but not Massachusetts or Missouri. 99% of all Flu cases are H1N1.

Tonight is my first Spanish class of this year.
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I've emailed people this morning, and had a rapid-fire conversation with one of them. I have written most of the stuff for my monthly report. I have filed and refiled stuff and checked my physical mail.

I keep refreshing certain blogs. I really need to settle down and get a life and do something useful.

I have done software updates on my computer.
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I'm almost afraid to look into my email box.

I got a phone call last night, while tucking Emily in (code for lying with her and talking for about an hour), about the class.

During the mothers' walk home from drop-off at school, there was a discussion about setting up a Spanish-English buddy system for our school.

[ profile] mrmoosie convinced me that my Spanish wasn't good enough to be the Spanish liaison for Emily's 1rst grade class. Sigh.
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This school year is off to a running start.

Many, many inquiries about the foreign language program.
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One hour of PTA work done, hours and hours to go. Must remember to bring forms to school on Monday. And do Xeroxing. I have to be in two places on Thursday at about the same time. Bleh!
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I don't deal with calling people I don't know very well. So I let the other member of the committee call for a speaker. The office that she called wanted to wait until Fall to speak to us, because they are getting a lot of calls. Not a surprise since their area of responsibility is being reviewed at the moment. Which is why we wanted them to speak to us.
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This is the list )
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We are having dinner guests over, so I have to finish stuffing papers into boxes from which they'll never return cleaning the dining room table. Then I have to remove the computer from the dining room table.

I have papers ready to go for my PTA commitments. Next week is going to be busy anyway, possible child-sitting is just going to be more interesting. I need to see if I have an address for the PONY system (a school system mailing system that requires no money). If not, I'll have to use the US postal system.

I have managed to clear out some old papers to the tune of two boxes worth of recycling. I actually do feel accomplished.

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Volunteers at Emily's school are asked to submit the hours that they spend. I hope that they use this information to warn new parents about volunteering :-).

Oct. 8th is Walk to School Day. The class with the most walkers will get extra recess. (To Emily this seems like a bad thing, since they won't let her dig in the playground. She loves to dig). I know[ profile] cvirtue will be so jealous. I think I will keep suggesting it to Emily.

[ profile] cvirtue , I know a 3rd grader who is walked by his mother every day to and from school.

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Emily is healthier (although not perfect). And we are both in better moods. Everyone slept late(r) this morning which certainly helped.

Poor T went to the emissions testing, but the line was enormous so he came back home with the chore undone. I met with my co-chair and gave her some of the work (especially the computer part with MS Word and the part about dealing with the treasurer).

T did some cleaning and hammering around the house. I messed with the garden between bouts of rain. And then we went out to dinner with friends. Emily was on great behavior for dinner, since she knew that ice cream was going to be for dessert. She brought her umbrella to dinner, and by the time we got back to the car, she needed to be using it.

I printed out our spending and checked our income versus outgo this year and conferred with T. It doesn't seem as bad as I had thought.
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The flyer for the extracurricular Spanish/French/Chinese went out. (Yes, [ profile] cvirtue , my school district has the same thing). I am one of two coordinators for my school. I did not come home to an overflowing email inbox. But my answering machine was inadvertently full. I don't know if there were any calls.

I need to deal with the babysitter situation. I can't put it on the backburner any more.

Emily rode the bus with her cousins. The boy, a 1rst grader, watched out for the two girls, making sure that they sat next to him and got off at the right stop. Both girls were in need of cuddles.

I read to them. The Shinnoh Handbook (Pokemon). Three little kids, listening to special moves for monsters, two on my lap and one in a chair next to me. We counted it for the 20 minutes of reading a day.

Then, later, the dog and I demonstrated the word, "feint". I would make like I was throwing the ball one way, the dog would run that way, I would show the kids that I still had the ball in my hand, and then throw it a different way.


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