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Multiple days below freezing or close to it. Winter has decided to show up, but not wintry precipitation (yet).

Travel. The whole family enjoyed taking a weekend away.

School. A large project suffered from neglect while we were away, and also while we were here. Basically, the child wants to do it all in school and put it off until the last minute. It is not a good situation. Also, Valentine's Day is the day before the project is due. Not wonderful timing. I am pretty much solely responsible for the Valentine's Day cards at this point.

Car. My car is not a happy camper, and must visit the experts. However, I never have large tracts of time where I don't need it.

Work. Well, this is what is making sure that my car doesn't have vast amounts of idle time. Plus volunteering.

Volunteering. Still a large amount to do. Keeping me busy and occupied.

Spanish. Only getting a tiny amount of Rosetta Stone done per week.

Garden. Thanks to the multiple days below freezing, I am not thinking about it at all.


Aug. 15th, 2011 09:52 am
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My alarm went off very, very quietly this morning, and I slept right through it. Sigh.

[ profile] mrmoosie woke Emily and me up with just 15 minutes to go before the beginning of camp. Fortunately, on the first day, they have down-time built in for paper signing and collection.

The counselors were being a bit lazy, and not stopping a group of boys from throwing dominoes. But one boy was building with the dominoes and Emily sat and watched him. Soon, they will all go and ice skate.
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We went to Balticon over the long weekend. We hung with [ profile] starstraf and her sweetie and others that she had invited.

Emily liked the con, but we all noticed that the "Children's track" was very poorly labeled. I went to a workshop, that I thought was on the science track, that was really a children's event with craft.

The science track had a BioScience element that kept me very interested. If this is a consistent theme, I may go every year.
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I'm taking care of another child with my own today. They are being very noisy. Less homework is getting done. Fortunately, Mrmoosie is home.


Mar. 2nd, 2011 08:11 pm
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I have a headache. I think it is because I am dehydrated. I keep pushing the water, but I am apparently behind the eight ball on this.

Emily is fed, her homework is complete and her hair is braided. She's at Religious Education with a neighbor of mine. This neighbor has a boy in Emily's class at the public school, but he is one year ahead in Religious Education. The neighbor is also a teacher for Religious Education.

The software I am using for Online Tutoring Planning has no built-in intelligence. I have saved stuff in the wrong places, with the wrong filenames. Too much intelligence from me, not enough from the software.

No school

Jan. 18th, 2011 10:54 am
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Snow/sleet/freezing rain fell last night. So no school for Emily. She's between homework assignments, so there is no objective reason for her to stay off the computer.
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She's a little hyper tonight.
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The weather outside is frightful.

I don't want to leave my house. Especially, I don't want to leave to wander around, where I am likely to have to get back in my car or actually walk in this stuff. It's for the birds (specifically, ducks).

I have babysitting and homework wrangling to do tonight.
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Some laughter, something unusual to think about.

Someone else to kick my child's rear, so she will do her math homework.
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The choices for after-school activities are so many, and the forms and instructions are so complicated, the PTA may wind up with more unhappy parents and students than before. It is an impressive train wreck.

Of course, after-school activities are not necessary for the running of a school.
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My brother took my child with his two out for a weekend+ at the beach. It's the week before school.

[ profile] mrmoosie and I saw the cold-war-type thriller, SALT, with Angelina Jolie. Man, she makes an attractive man.

Although the prediction is for thunder today and rain tomorrow, I am seeing lots of sunshine here. I was screening my compost today and made a lovely dark pile of dirt. I still see small eggshell bits in there. But my compost tests at about 8 on the pH scale, so I am sure that some Ca++ is becoming available to my plants.

[ profile] starstraf 's gave [ profile] mrmoosie many pairs of pants, jeans and shorts on Saturday. I am checking the pockets, washing, and folding them.

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Emily is doing more reading on her own, because she wants to and with interest in the actual book to be read. Self-motivation, in other words. :) From here, she can do all sorts of things. Follow a series through multiple books, read a non--fiction book because she wants to know more about that topic, share books with other children. And while you enjoy reading, so many other things happen...learning vocabulary, exploring settings, exploring common themes in fiction, and learning things about the craft of writing.

She read one whole book from the Rainbow Fairies, half of another, and some poems from "Where the Sidewalk Ends" by Shel Silverstein. In a way, she has already shared the Shel Silverstein book, because she asked me to give it to a friend of hers for his birthday.

I can not even begin to share how happy this makes me.
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First day of swim lessons in addition to swim team practice.

Emily is playing Barbies with two other girls. Later, we'll have to go to the swimsuit supplier for the swim team. I hope that means that Emily will have the team suit before the Wednesday meet.

This week is going to be very, very hot.
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We got some financial statements yesterday. If I wish to use the information on them, I have to enter it into my system before filing them. I have a ton of papers on my desk, so I need to clear and file as much as I can.

I have more than a slight difficulty getting things done with all the noise (conversation) in our house.


May. 31st, 2010 07:53 pm
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Emily started going off the low board today.

Summer and the swimming pool are some of the greatest times to be a mom. It's great to see the kids growing and learning and trying things that they could not do before.
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She read a book that she had never had read to her before. It was "Turtles in My Sandbox", a picture book.
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I took my tomatoes and crocuses out yesterday for sunning and getting used to the weather. I realized this morning that I had left them out all night. If they survived, I guess that they will be hardened to the weather.

We watched a bit of the second "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" episode. Although Emily got quite upset about the idea of diabetes. She was particularly indignant about the idea of having a foot removed. We brought up Sonia Sotomayor to say that diabetes can be lived with. Then Emily wanted to play that [ profile] mrmoosie was Jamie Oliver and he quizzed her about different vegetables and fruits.
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This is our second decimating recession in professional jobs (accountant, office worker, programmer, white-collar workers). Adults in these professions are getting pretty bitter, and rightfully so. But even though the high-level jobs in these fields have been hit, the entry-level jobs have been hit worse. Usually the entry-level has a little more cushion since the wages for an entry-level worker are lower, but when you are comparing out-sourcing to a cheaper country, those entry-level wages can look very expensive.

I have heard of several scientists who would not recommend the field for their children. Doctors are famous for saying that. Is it becoming true for every professional field? Are the doctors telling their children to become accountants, while the accountants are telling their children to become doctors?
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Maybe, I'll descend on unsuspecting friends elsewhere. Someone with children about the same age.

I really need to check what is actually closed in addition to the schools.
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We're in the post-sledding relaxation stage. [ profile] mrmoosie is finally home. I'm not exactly sure what happened to his promise to come home and work from home for the last part of the day.

He is promising to work from home on Monday, if the schools are closed. I am sure that I will be teaching in the afternoon/early evening since Princeton Review has tight deadlines. I need to review my stuff for it.

The teachers are joking with black humor about their July 4th lesson plans. It will only take about 10 more snow days to achieve July 4th.

Emily's teachers sent next week's homework home today. So she'll have 7 nights to work on it instead of 4.

I bumped the side of my foot really hard.


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