Aug. 15th, 2011 09:52 am
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My alarm went off very, very quietly this morning, and I slept right through it. Sigh.

[ profile] mrmoosie woke Emily and me up with just 15 minutes to go before the beginning of camp. Fortunately, on the first day, they have down-time built in for paper signing and collection.

The counselors were being a bit lazy, and not stopping a group of boys from throwing dominoes. But one boy was building with the dominoes and Emily sat and watched him. Soon, they will all go and ice skate.
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I *should* be eating, reading or sleeping. Instead, I am sitting at the computer, yawning and hungry. Plus, it is hard(ish) to type since two of the fingers on my left hand have been punctured at the tip (checking for Fe<sup>2+</sup>, to see if I can donate blood).

Maybe I'll cook something.
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International Night did not do well being late at night on the same day as the Valentine's Day parties.

The crowd would NOT be quiet for the presentations. And having them in the same room as the food made it worse. Having the whole event in one room was a mistake (and a big one). But someone (and perhaps it should have been me) needed to demand that people shut up and stay shut up. Grump.
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Tonight and tomorrow are supposed to be snow-free. On Friday, it's supposed to start in mid-morning and just keep getting heavier and heavier.

So, we will spend a good deal of the weekend snowed-in again. I will try to get stuff for all the dinners for the weekend in a shopping run tomorrow, just like the rest of the SAHMs.

I've mailed off the most important bills. I guess we're in good shape for this adventure. But bleh!
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I met up with the PTA president at a New Year's Day Open House. There was a lot of discussion of the cost of reserving rooms for activities at the school. It is much higher in cost for the weekend, than for weeknights. Our PTA is spending more than normal and making less than normal due to properly paying for the room reservations and other things that we are doing "by the book" that had once been done "under the table".
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We took Emily to the zoo. It was pretty cold, but we had some fun. We said goodbye to Tai Shan, the baby (who's more of a teenager) panda who will be traveling to China to see if he can meet a nice girl panda. We met up with a family that we had met once before at the zoo. I know the mom from the Internets.

I made a soup of orange vegetables. It's pretty good in a creamy soup way.

We told Emily about 9/11 today in terms of major events of the decade. It may take her a while to ask her questions about the event. We compared it to Mr. 'Splody Pants, just that they involved airplanes and bracketed the 'Naughties in terms of time. We've mentioned the war in Afghanistan a few times. She may have made more sense of it this time, since we put 9/11 as the cause of it and since the father of the family has been in Afghanistan. She may also remember that the father of her school friend has also been in Afghanistan.

Anyway, we're trying to give her the view of history without depressing her or frightening her. She is pretty sensitive to these things. She often has questions about things like that.
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I think that the more exposure that a child has to the tricky parts of their environments, the better the child learns to be safe in that environment. Perhaps, this theory needs more work.

I took two rambunctious girls on the Metro to see a museum in downtown DC. I used moral persuasion to get them to sit down only after several stops. It was a quieter time of day, not rush hour, for both the downtown trip and the return trip. I hope that the investment of the effort to corral them teaches them to behave on a train in the future. Someday, i will need to take her at rush hour.
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We're exploring the Maryland Science Center today in Baltimore. Unfortunately, we didn't check the expiration date on our passes, and they expired 10/31/09.

We're going anyway, of course. :).

We checked the expiration dates on the other passes we have, and none of them actually have expiration dates. This should mean that we won't have any trouble using them.


Dec. 26th, 2009 06:14 pm
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My tutoring student will be taking his test on Dec. 30th. I will have NO students carrying over from 2009 to 2010. This makes me happier than you would think since it is just a date on the calender.

I am getting laundry done and put away. I am reading magazines and checking on the front that I have finished them. I am clearing up mental and physical backlogs of various types. I am washing dishes.

My compost pile is one-half full and decaying well. :)
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We're home before the snow storm. Now to do the snow dance, read books and watch activities be canceled.

Everyone on the East Coast snuggle down and stay safe.
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It's really a challenge to do anything in the evenings. Either I am working, or [ profile] mrmoosie can't come home early.

"WhizKids" is showing at the National Academy of Sciences on Wednesday, Dec. 9th at 7:00pm. It is an in-depth look at 3 competitors in the Intel (formerly Westinghouse) Science Fair. It describes the genesis of their projects, their obstacles and support.


Dec. 5th, 2009 01:20 pm
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It is snowing. Wet, slushy snow. It's falling in wet, sloppy, big drops flakes. The ground around here (particularly at Emily's school) is saturated with water, so even when it melts, it has a difficult time draining.

The low tonight is supposed to be 27°F. All that standing water/slush will freeze in interesting shapes and lots of slippery sidewalks. At some point, I will have to dig out the salt to put over the driveway and sidewalk to minimize the slipperiness of our sidewalk.

Emily went to "Breakfast with Santa" this morning, followed by ice skating. Both events were loaded with children who were very happy to see all the snow.
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Stood in line for 2 hours and 15 minutes to get Emily the 2009 H1N1 FluMist. Spoke with the teenage boy (and his mother) behind me for a good deal of it. Emily rode on my shoulders for much of the wait. She enjoyed looking at the many maps of the school.
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[ profile] mrmoosie took Emily to see "Where the Wild Things Are". Emily enjoyed it. She thought that the violence was fine and that the fort that was built was very cool. [ profile] mrmoosie was interested in the psychological backdrop of the movie.

One of the first grade teachers invited the children and their parents to meet up with her to see the movie. Emily enjoyed having a group outing with her fellow first graders.

Although Common Sense media gave it an appropriate age of 9+, the mixed group of 6 and 7 year-olds were happy with it.

ETA: The More Child blogger didn't like the movie version.

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There are still some leaves to fall. The bulbs are all in the ground.

The compost is full of the innards of pumpkins.

The sheer number of events on Wednesday is excessive.
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Emily is having too much homework. First grade is pretty hard, especially in the advanced math class.

I now have a ton of work. Good for the money, bad for time with [ profile] mrmoosie .

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Emily's school had an open house today. Since the federal government has the day off, it's easy to schedule a day for parents to visit at the school. It's not that every parent works for the federal government, but they do set the agenda around here.

It was reading time for first grade. First the children had a warm-up with the words of the week. Then they had independent reading time. So they grabbed a parent (not necessarily their own) and read to them. I listened to four different children read (one of which was Emily). Then the children sat on the carpet for word work. They went over those five words and then words with 'it' in them. They also learned about homonyms, since pit has two meanings (and something else, but I can't remember). Then they each had an assignment to work on at their desk. Emily's was to read a narrative book and summarize the plot in three points. Emily tried "Wilber wins a prize", a separated chapter from Charlotte's web, but it was too hard for her. She then found "Little Louie, the Late Bloomer", which was hard (she kept reading bloomer as brother for the sense of the story), but doable. Then she wrote some of the information. Then her small group was called for a small lesson in "parts of a book (text features)", like the table of contents, chapter headings, and the index. Then she finished her page about Little Louie, the Late Bloomer, Then it was time to get ready for recess.

Those few parents who had hung out that long, went out to the playground with the first grade. After the recess, the parents headed home.

Edited to remove actual reading levels of other children for their privacy.

Poison Ivy

Oct. 10th, 2009 06:25 pm
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I would swear that my neighbors are growing a Poison Ivy tree in their backyard. I imagine that they never actually use that corner of their yard and had NO IDEA what was growing there (and spreading into my yard).

Now I *know* why it is sometimes called a hairy vine. The climbing roots actually look like tangled human hair.

Now, the question is, am I still immune to poison ivy?

Better go shower.
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Emily and [ profile] mrmoosie went to the Girl Scout meeting. I couldn't stay for much/any of it really because I had to go to my Spanish class.

My goodness, it's hard. I just don't make myself speak in Spanish enough, so I am rustier than an old nail. On the other hand, my regimen of listening to Spanish nearly every day means that I can almost understand our teacher. And, believe me, some of my fellow students aren't understanding her. Sigh. We'll muddle through somehow. We have one new student and the rest have been together for years, some of us for 4 years at this point. We can be pretty social also.

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We went to the Ukrainian Festival at St. Andrew Ukrainian Orthodox Church (way up New Hampshire Ave. in Cloverly). The food was nice, the music was pretty nice and there were tons of children. 

I told
[ profile] mrmoosie to check out the fencing. He was shy about it, but finally stepped up and went to five points with the guy who was directing it. Then that guy tried to talk him into a recreation battle on Oct. 3. That would be great, but it's about the 15th thing trying to get us to attend on Oct. 3 or Oct. 4 or both. So not this year. I actually wonder if two of the events (the Russian Festival and the recreation battle (which is specifically Eastern European)) are timed together so that you could attend both.

[ profile] mrmoosie was actually happy that he had done it. And they both went full tilt, so he had that healthy flush from exercise.


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