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Oct. 2nd, 2011 11:31 am
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Yesterday I did a ton of Rosetta Stone work. I'm feeling more and more confident with it. I have really big goals with my Spanish overall. I don't think Rosetta Stone will get me ALL the way there, but it will get me a lot further. I really, really want to schedule some travel to a Spanish-speaking country. Of course, I could just go to Takoma Park or the New Hampshire-Langley Park area and hang around. Watch Univision, talk with my neighbor. Take a turn translating at PTA meetings (Um, no, I'm not good enough). Go to a Spanish-language Mass. But the travel would be more FUN.
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I seem not to get on LJ as much. Concentrating on Facebook, it seems, and working my little tail off. And an invitation-only board, and another one just for co-workers, and Rosetta Stone.

Rosetta Stone is lots of fun. I'm still way back at the beginning but progressing rapidly. The progress monitoring isn't designed to make starting in the middle intuitive, and I want to be sure that my pronunciation keeps up with my other skills, so I am using the first lessons for practice with that.

My Beetle and I were involved in an accident. Low-speed, so I was fine, but my Beetle is going to have to undergo surgery. Right now, it is a pirate Beetle, because the left front headlight is on the back seat. I have gotten two written opinions from doctors that specialize in this sort of surgery and have a start time at the Beetle hospital of my choice. The hospital is very convenient, and I should be able to see the recovery area from nearby.

My work for the PTA is going apace. I have one thing to do for it today, and I really should stop procrastinating about it.
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We are riding it out at home. Moving debris, outdoor supplies and toys indoors or far away from the house. Also chopping the debris into small bits that can't do damage on their own, because we have an insane amount of tree debris. Lots of old trees on property and we made a natural woodpile for animals. Well, I destroyed that woodpile this morning in the name of damage prevention.

I saw two large male deer last night on my way home from the Meet and Greet for the PTA. Just standing on someone's lawn like they owned it. We need more predators for them here.


Aug. 25th, 2011 06:20 am
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This is way too early. I have a breakfast for the teachers at the school and a casserole to cook.

I am hoping to get an apple pie cooked later today.

Good mood

Aug. 19th, 2011 05:11 pm
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Today, I have been in a very cheerful mood. I got my car to the shop this morning and from there, I got home using the Metro and a little help from my family.

I poked around work-wise and am feeling ahead of the game there.

I did some financial stuff around the house and am not quite as behind the eight ball there.

On Facebook, some reasonable percentage of my friends are having fun with one another in Reno. Good for them!

Mood is still good!


Aug. 15th, 2011 09:52 am
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My alarm went off very, very quietly this morning, and I slept right through it. Sigh.

[ profile] mrmoosie woke Emily and me up with just 15 minutes to go before the beginning of camp. Fortunately, on the first day, they have down-time built in for paper signing and collection.

The counselors were being a bit lazy, and not stopping a group of boys from throwing dominoes. But one boy was building with the dominoes and Emily sat and watched him. Soon, they will all go and ice skate.
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It's been a long time, Intertubes. My child is busy. Always running me around.
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Lovely game of baseball. Emily was out of town with her uncle, so mrmoosie and I got to go on our own to meet up with [ profile] starstraf and her sweetie.

Some animal is knocking over my corn!!! Anything that got high enough has now been killed. GGRRRR.
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School is done. I am not going to worry much about it over the summer. Emily may need a push in reading and to learn her math facts, but I will let it happen, especially the reading, since she is interested in many books.

Garden is growing (corn). The lettuce is growing (black-seeded Simpson, there must be a sale). The peas are trying to give their last pods for the season. It will get hot again, but today and recently, it's been cool. I've had to water several times, since there has not been much rain lately.

Work is heating up for the summer. Some of the last of the old-style GRE courses. And some chemistry for MCAT. All good, of course. My bank account will be fuller than I have seen it in a long time.

[ profile] mrmoosie and I are contemplating going to a Nationals baseball game next Tuesday. If we do, Emily and I will have to take the Metro and mrmoosie will have to drive.

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We went to Balticon over the long weekend. We hung with [ profile] starstraf and her sweetie and others that she had invited.

Emily liked the con, but we all noticed that the "Children's track" was very poorly labeled. I went to a workshop, that I thought was on the science track, that was really a children's event with craft.

The science track had a BioScience element that kept me very interested. If this is a consistent theme, I may go every year.


May. 12th, 2011 01:57 pm
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Transplanted my tomatoes on Monday (only the most grown of them). I lay them down for maximum root growth. Today, they were looking dehydrated, so I watered vigorously.

 I'd been letting this one plant grow, thinking it was a surviving seed from last year. I'm pretty unsure about that now, so I am pulling it up.

I am done with writing questions for GRE (I hope). I've revised several and that should be that.

Not much work scheduled for the summer so far. That's going to be just fine.
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And now it is very much ahead of me. I have some (quite tall) plants that I suspect are brassica of some sort. I planted a bunch of brussel sprouts and broccoli seeds at the tail end of last year's growing season that never came up. They could be weeds of some sort. I have thinned them extensively.

The raspberries are doing quite well; Emily and Mrmoosie staked them today to (hopefully) avoid the chipmunks eating them all. They have the smallest beginnings of flowers.

I've got two (three) tomato plants ready for transplant. I am attempting to remember to harden them off, by putting them outside during the day.

The peppers are still quite small. I am trying to remember to put them out for hardening also.

The lettuces are doing very well, I made a salad on Friday with some leaves.

The carrots are growing. Not very fast.

I staked up the snow peas both in the pot outside and in the garden. The ones in the pot are flowering vigorously.

I planted another type of pea. It hasn't come up yet.

I planted some corn. A bit early, but we'll see. Not up yet. Probably will come up this week, if it is going to.

A melon or gourd of some sort is growing outside of my garden. It looks a lot like the pumpkin that my niece planted recently. So probably pumpkin.
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I'm taking care of another child with my own today. They are being very noisy. Less homework is getting done. Fortunately, Mrmoosie is home.
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This weekend, we (Mrmoosie, Emily and I) put in a few hours of work clearing leaves from the community pool. I also took a trash bag around for trash between the two fences. Emily was helpful for an hour and whiny for an hour. My legs hurt after all that. It's clear that I've been getting out of shape steadily. There will be another work day next week, but I will be busy.

I still have two more math problems (to edit) and one passage to write for Princeton Review. The timelines are pretty short, given the other constraints in my life. One of the biggest constraints this past week has been Emily being home from school. Another constraint has been actual tutoring and/or teaching. I am hoping not to get any more assignments for writing questions after those are finished.

The lettuces in my garden are growing faster than the ones in the pot. They are ready to harvest a few leaves from. I put some sticks for peas to climb up on in places where I have peas doing well. Only one set has fallen down so far, but I am not optimistic for most of them.
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I sowed grass seed in the backyard yesterday. It will be wet later this week. It will also be cold, around freezing.

I am hoping for some sprouting and development of roots in order to keep the soil from eroding. I don't specifically care *what* grows there, as long as there is some soil cover.


Mar. 22nd, 2011 11:25 am
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My peppers (indoor) have *finally* sprouted. They are still quite tiny, compared to the tomatoes started at the same time.

I started with a full new round of Jiffy Pots of pepper seeds (on 3/20/11). I started two more tomato seeds at the same time.

The large pot has three growing snow-peas. No lettuces, so far.

I put more snow-pea seeds in the large pot and more lettuces. I also put some in the part of the garden closest to the house, as well as some carrot seeds.

I dug in a few places to see if I could see worms. Nope, not yet.


Mar. 16th, 2011 04:22 pm
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I'm feeling unusually cold today. I suspect it will turn out to be a fever.

long division. Emily is learning long division in math at school. So far, so crazy. She and her friend are not sure where on the paper any of the numbers go.

One of my outdoor peas is coming up. And I finally see something green in one of my peppers. I hope it is a pepper sprout and not mold.
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I planted some snow peas in the garden today (about 6) and some black-seeded Simpson lettuce (about 20 seeds). Two of the carrots in the indoor pot have just come up.  The tomatoes in the Jiffy pots are looking good, but the pepper seeds in the other Jiffy pots haven't germinated.
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The headline on a recent local paper, "County's minorities are now the majority". It says (based on census data? since all the comparisons are done to 2000?) that minorities make up 50.7% of the population. The greatest percentage *increases* are in Hispanic and Asian populations; the greatest absolute number of minorities is in the black population.

Just as an observation, I'm seeing more and more Asian kindergarten students with younger siblings. More than I saw two years ago.

The lunchroom has rotated some of the tables, which allows me to see more students at once. There are definitely students of just about every shade of skin tone in the lunchroom. However, with the long winter, some who would normally look more brown are looking more gray. It might also be the lighting in the lunchroom or the clothes colors they are wearing.

I sat behind a family at church on Ash Wednesday that were more Native American-looking than Hispanic, although they spoke Spanish.
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I scattered some carrot seed today in the garden. According to the 7-day forecast, there will not be frosts for 7 days. Again, these should be able to tolerate a bit of frost.


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