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I hadn't updated on LiveJournal for a bit.

The biggest new thing in my life is that I am entering a teacher training program. The orientation is Apr. 26th and the first day of classes is May 8th. I have a fair amount to do to prepare for that. I will be finger-printed on Monday, Apr. 24. I plan to apply for a scholarship, so I have to finish two essays and fill out a FAFSA form by May 1rst. I have a ton of books about teaching to read before and during the program, but it is fast-paced and the more I read ahead of time, the better.

My work as a Girl Scout leader has been in hyperdrive since our service unit decided to have an encampment. An encampment is a multi-troop camping (in this case limited to the service unit). So about 300 Girl Scouts and leaders are coming and I wound up on the committee. And since I am a leader for "older girls", my Scouts and I are taking more responsibility. And a bunch of other opportunities have come up for scouts in our area, such as a lunch with our Congressional Representative, an archery day, and a night hike. Plus, Cadettes have more going on already!


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